Bedroom and bathroom with unusual decorations on the walls

02 of June '23

Earlier we already looked at the living area of an eclectic apartment in a historic building. Today we look at the arrangement of the bedroom and bathroom.

Sufit został pomalowany na kolor burzowego nieba

The ceiling was painted in the color of a stormy sky

Photo Bartosz Ciotek Arrangement:Mikołaj Dziewoński © Dekorian Home

Bedroom under a dandelion

An extremely interesting treatment was applied to the bedroom.

- Despite the fact that there is only one window here, we decided to paint the ceiling in a muted dark blue, the color of a stormy sky," points out Monika Lastowiecka of Loft Affair.

This sophisticated accent is visible from the entrance, but it fully resonates when viewed from the bed. The position of the wide, velvet upholstered bed is emphasized by a graphic with a geometric, three-dimensional abstract composition in shades of cream, blue, navy and pink. The whole creates an extremely cozy space designed for rest and relaxation. At the ceiling, just below the classic rosette, hung a chandelier resembling a blower.

Nad łóżkiem zawisnął żyrandol w formie dmuchawca

Above the bed hung a chandelier in the form of a blowfish

Photo Bartosz Ciotek Arrangement:Mikołaj Dziewoński © Dekorian Home

With an oriental note

The main role in the arrangement of the bathroom is played by a large-format wall graphic with an oriental landscape in shades of brown and beige. It was also used in the shower area, as it has waterproof technology. The golden-copper accents of this design are conquered by the American walnut-colored built-in furniture. This material has already appeared in the kitchen and in the form of cabinetry in the bedroom. The feeling of closeness to nature is emphasized by large-format sinters imitating stone.

- They are not only very impressive, but also practical. They feature good resistance to scratches, dings, discoloration, and the limited number of joints makes it easy to maintain perfect cleanliness for years. In the case of short-term rentals, this is especially important," emphasizes the architect.

Additional decorative touches include decorative steel trim and shades ofblack on the floor, countertop and ceiling.

Łazienka z orientalną tapetą

Bathroom with oriental wallpaper

Photo Bartosz Ciotek Arrangement:Mikołaj Dziewoński © Dekorian Home

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