Master zone in the style of warm minimalism

21 of June '23
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  1. Line.Projekt Studio is responsible for the project.
  2. The two-story house with an attic has an area of 266 sqm.
  3. The master zone is located on the first floor and consists of a bedroom, a dressing room and a bathroom.
  4. The whole house is decorated in natural colors and minimalist style.
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The two-level house with an attic of 266 m2 is located in Warsaw's Białołęka district. The project by Line.Projekt Studio was created for a family with two children.

Natural connections

The master zone is located on the first floor. It includes a master bedroom, a dressing room and a bathroom.
The whole area is kept in natural tones. The harmonious combination of light and dark shades of the base colors blends beautifully with the texture of the stone. To keep the minimalist aesthetic down to the smallest details, the designers used both hidden doors and skirting boards, which were painted the same color as the walls.

In the shadow of the rock

In the bedroom, the main role is played by a large upholstered bed in a light grey color. The headrest of the furniture resembles large pillows, which enhances the feeling of coziness. On either side of the bed minimalist bedside tables were placed. Above them hang lamps of simple form, which allow you to indulge in reading before bedtime. A large-format sinter in graphite shade decorates the wall behind the bed. To further emphasize its decorative character, it was illuminated on two sides with warm light. The light-colored floor is the perfect counterbalance to this dark wall. The floor was further warmed by a large light-colored rug.

Ściana za łóżkiem została ozdobiona wielkoformatowym spiekiem

The wall behind the bed was decorated with large-format sintering

© Line.Projekt Studio

Beauty corner

A corner with a dressing table was arranged on the wall opposite the bed. There is a sizable mirror with a round shape. It hung on a grooved section of the wall in beige color. This texture creates an interesting contrast with the smooth surface of the mirror. The dressing table itself, on the other hand, consists of one simple drawer and an upholstered pouffe corresponding to the bed.

Toaletka została ustawiona na tle ryflowanej ściany z lustrem

The dressing table is set against a fluted wall with a mirror

© Line.Projekt Studio

Cleverly arranged

Next to the bedroom is the owners' dressing room. It consists of a number of shelves that allow storing clothes in different variations. Another corner was arranged next to the window, where the residents can prepare to go out. Its form refers to the dressing table in the bedroom. This time, however, the architects put the furniture in a corner form.

W garderobie urządzono kącik z blatem i siedziskiem Do garderoby właścicieli przechodzi się z sypialni

In the dressing room, a corner was arranged with a countertop and a seat

© Line.Projekt Studio

Greenery and terrazzo

From the bedroom we can also go to the owners' bathroom. This interior is dominated by a combination of green and gray. This was due to the use of two different types of tiles. The first are decorative celadon tiles with an oblong shape. The second is large terrazzo tiles. The green tiles delineate the shower area, the toilet area and the area above the sink. The rest of the room including the floor is tiled with the second type of tiles. The whole is completed with a large round mirror and white furnishings and black accessories. The cabinet on which the countertop sink is placed and the one above the toilet are minimalist furniture in a shade of light gray.

Łazienka została urządzona w kolorach zieleni i szarości W łazience zastosowano dwa rodzaje płytek

The bathroom was decorated in colors of green and gray

© Line.Projekt Studio

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