"I try to create interiors that are timeless." Aleksandra Wachowicz in the series "10 questions to an interior designer".

07 of December '22

"10 Questions to an Interior Designer" is a series of short talks inspired by the series "10 Questions to...". This time our attention is turned to interior architects. In today's episode, Aleksandra Wachowicz talks about her approach to design.

AleksandraWachowicz - - founder of the studio Aleksandra Wachowicz - Interior and landscape design. She focuses on creating custom, thoughtful interiors that incorporate her clients' needs and dreams. She pays special attention to the practicality and comfort of the space, eager to use smart home options. Her signature style is contemporary classic. She loves interiors that stand the test of time and will be as relevant in 5 years as they are now. She usually uses a neutral base palette and then applies a layer of color and texture to pillows, artwork, lamps and accessories.

1 Home is for me...

While on vacation in Mexico with my husband, we hit a hurricane. As a result, we had no water or electricity for several days. We lived in the jungle and traveled by bicycle. When civilization returned, my conclusions were as follows. For survival, I absolutely need nice interiors. They do not have to be expensive, but nevertheless they must have a soul, an atmosphere, "that something" that makes me feel calm and inspired. The second thing is mandatory air conditioning. A car that adds security and shortens the distance and, of course, a husband and son by my side. With such a package, I can live anywhere. Although I will honestly admit that I am currently satisfied with the position of my company in the market and I would be reluctant to leave Poland, but one day we will fulfill this dream of my husband. I am betting on success in at least all of Europe!

2 The key to a successful interior design is....

Consistency in choices, schedule and order logistics. Beautiful visualizations are only a prelude to a successful project. Organizing decent teams, sourcing materials on time and coordinating all the fuss is just no small feat. I really love it.

3 - I look for inspiration....

Everywhere! I can safely say that I am an architect 24 hours a day. When I'm in a nice place, I check furniture labels. When I'm traveling, I take pictures of details. When I'm at home, I spend hours on Instagram and Pinterest. When I sleep, I often dream about beautiful interiors. There is nothing better in life than work that is also a great pleasure.

4 In cooperation with the investor the most important thing is....

First of all, trust between the architect and the investor. The beginnings, I do not hide, were different. Problems with finding the golden mean, misunderstanding. Currently I have the comfort that clients choose me because of my portfolio and style. As a result, we understand each other without words. This really facilitates a lot, and gives great pleasure and satisfaction to both parties.

5 My favorite design style is.

A combination of modern and classic. My style comes from arranging with my husband our first apartment. My husband, like a guy, loves modernity, gadgets, innovation, but he also has a super eye for details. I, on the other hand, appreciate technology and modern solutions, but I also love classics. I tried to combine all this so that we both felt comfortable. I was very successful in doing so. I easily smuggled these solutions to clients, and I think my career has developed because of it. We design interiors in which both men and women feel good, but also children and grandmothers. Timeless, in neutral earth colors that never get boring.

6 The most valuable object in my home is....

Jacuzzi on the terrace, where I can relax with my husband after a hard day with a glass of wine. It is pumped up, but it gives a lot of fun!

7. the most common mistake made when doing interior design yourself is....

I honestly don't know. Because of the fact that I'm an architect, I've noticed that people, after inviting me to their corners, begin to explain certain solutions, feel some apprehension. I am far from judging interiors created by myself. Unless someone asks me about it. Out of curiosity, I asked my friends what mistakes they made. One answered: "independent measurements". Another: "I did not take into account the dishwasher." Another would change the handles from milled to plain. Another regretted the tiles separating the kitchen from the living room. Still another said the problem was "lack of strength to complete the renovation." Also, as many people as many opinions. And this is the most important thing when working with an architect. Gathering requirements, because everyone has different ones. Really totally different. Some will mention a large pantry, others a room where they can hide in case of a break-in, which they have experienced several times. Some about a glass floor overlooking the cars, others a prayer corner. And it's beautiful.

8 My favorite material is.

Currently it is all kinds of stones. I don't think I will ever get tired of them. I also really like structured wallpaper.

9. trend that I would like to see pass already is....

Stickers, inscriptions like "in this house we love each other, say thank you and sorry..." . I don't need hom emadeword "art" to know I'm home, or a mug labeled "coffee" to know I'm drinking coffee. I certainly don't need a whimsical sign that tells me "live, laugh, love." I'm capable of so much more! However, trends in general are fine. Thanks to them, I know what to avoid in design, as I try to create interiors that are timeless, not ones that will pass with the trends. Although I do not hide the fact that some trends can steal my heart, however, definitely for a longer period of time.

10 I would like to live in one day....

Oh... It depends on the specific stage of my life. Currently, I am very happy with my location. I live in Warsaw's Wilanów district, which is extremely family-friendly. I literally have everything at hand here. I fulfill myself 100% as an architect and, above all, as a mother. In the future I would like to live in a modern apartment in a high-rise building. Then in an elegant house, which would look like a bunker with a flat roof. Enclosed at the front and all glass on the garden side. With bedrooms on the first floor, and the kitchen and living room upstairs in the crown of the conifers. I would also like to build a house in a very cozy, even rustic style in total silence among nature, where I could spend time with the whole family including the grandchildren. With a large wooden table and a mandatory fireplace. Of course, in the meantime live in a warm country. oh I love change! In fact, I could move every now and then!

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