Apartment inspired by Gdynia's harbor

15 of September '23
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  1. The design of the apartment was created by Martyna Lipinska.
  2. The apartment is located right next to the port in Gdynia.
  3. The 70m2 consists of an open kitchen with a dining room and living room, and a separate bedroom.
  4. The biggest decoration of the interior is surrealistic wallpaper.
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Martyna Lipińska designed the interior of an apartment overlooking the harbor in Gdynia. The arrangement refers to this charming environment with used forms and materials.

Mieszkanie znajduje się przy porcie w Gdyni

The apartment is located next to the harbor in Gdynia

Photo Martyna Lipińska © AQForm

Harbor inspirations

The apartment is 70 m² and located on one of the upper floors of the Portova building in Gdynia. Already at the construction stage, some tenant changes were made here. Instead of three rooms, only two were left, namely an open kitchen with a dining room and living room, and a separate bedroom. The apartment designed by Martyna Lipińska is dominated by smooth white walls, curves and arches. There is also stucco, but it is very modest. Fluted fronts appear on the bedroom door, as well as the island and kitchen fronts. They are reminiscent of Gdynia's modernist plaster with carved grooves. There is also no shortage of natural materials, such as wooden parquet flooring, stone countertops, brass plinths and handles and other accessories. The vast majority of the furniture and accessories were made by local craftsmen.

- In the interior, I used many solutions that refer to Gdynia. The flooring in the kitchen, bathroom and corridor, is meant to remind us that outside the windows of this luxury apartment, harbor life is going on, including intensive loading and unloading of coal - says designer Martyna Lipińska.

W strefie dziennej znajduje się delikatna sztukateria We wnętrzu wykorzystano naturalne materiały

The living area features delicate stucco

Photo Martyna Lipińska © AQForm

Aesthetics and function

The open space managed to combine a lot of functional and decorative elements.

- The kitchen, seemingly small, hides plenty of storage space thanks to the deepening of countertops and drawers. A magnificent island (more than two meters long) provides a dream space for work, as well as for social gatherings. Keeping in mind the connection with the living room, a very efficient hood was installed in the kitchen, along with additional (proprietary) soundproofing of the housing - says Martyna Lipińska.

Niewielka kuchnia kryje dużo miejsca do przechowywania Wyspa ma ponad dwa metry długości

A small kitchen hides a lot of storage space

Photo Martyna Lipińska © AQForm

Bold decorations

One of the most distinctive points of this project is the surreal wallpaper, mounted on the fronts of a large closet in the hallway and bedroom. The illustration with a nautical motif is visible from almost everywhere in the apartment. The powder pink appearing in the upholstered elements, among others, was taken precisely from this multicolored mural. The apartment is corner and very heavily glazed, so the impressive view of the sea and harbor looks beautiful not only during the day. As dusk falls, the nightlife in the harbor begins. Thanks to the multiple layers of fixtures used, it is then possible to turn on atmospheric lighting in the apartment for relaxation.

Surrealistyczna tapeta jest głównym elementem dekoracyjnym  Tapeta pokrywa fronty dużej szafy w korytarzu oraz sypialni

Surrealist wallpaper is the main decorative element

Photo Martyna Lipińska © AQForm

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