With head in the clouds. Mezzanine bedroom

05 of September '23
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  1. The project was created by Barbara Godawska of iHome Studio.
  2. PRW Design is responsible for its implementation.
  3. The bedroom is located on a mezzanine floor.
  4. Capacious closets were created according to the architect's design.
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We have already previously looked at the living area, children's rooms and the arrangement of the guest bathroom of an apartment in Warsaw's Żoliborz Artystyczny district. Today we present a bedroom designed by Barbara Godawska of iHome Studio. PRW Design is responsible for its implementation.

Design challenge

The arrangement of the upper floor was more challenging for the architect than the lower level of the apartment. Its open space was developed from scratch, so the designer prepared a number of different functional options. It took a long time to choose the direction that best suited the investors' needs, and then to refine the details, however the result of that is a private zone that closely matches the lifestyle of the householders.

- A characteristic example is the inconspicuous laundry room. It was created in a place convenient for the residents, while away from other wet rooms. This required drawing the water and sewage system far from the risers. The implementation went very smoothly in this aspect as well - the designer points out.

W aranżacji dominują jasne kolory

The arrangement is dominated by bright colors

Photo: Ola and Michał Przeździk-Buczkowscy/ Budzik Studio

In subtle colors

The owners' bedroom is located on a mezzanine above the kitchen. Its arrangement is dominated by subtle colors - whites, beiges, grays and soft greens. Here, aesthetics are combined with great practical qualities. In addition to a vast bed with an upholstered frame, you will also find minimalist bedside tables. Two very capacious closets, as well as the kitchen built-in, were created according to Barbara Godawska's design. The furniture blends together with the walls. The coherent visual effect of both types of surfaces optically enlarges the space. Meanwhile, the wall behind the bed is distinguished by the use of delicate stucco.

Duża szafa powstała wedle projektu Barbary Godawskiej

The large closet was created according to the design of Barbara Godawska.

Photo: Ola and Michał Przeździk-Buczkowscy/ Budzik Studio

Bright and cozy

This elegant interior has a large window. Light also enters the bedroom through a decorative glazing with refined muntins, allowing one to look down on the dining room. As on the first floor, the rail curtain rod here is hidden behind a decorative stucco strip. The cozy atmosphere is created by fabrics. Light, transparent curtains are perfectly combined with thickly woven French curtains in the aesthetics of linen. The effect of optically enlarged space is further emphasized by a high mirror, which, of course, also has a practical function. A sublime addition, on the other hand, are ornate lamps with flower-shaped glass shades and gold details.

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