Cozy house in neutral colors

25 of January '23

The suburban town of Stare Babice charms with its intimate villa buildings. Today we take a look inside one of the houses standing here, designed by Naboo Studio.

Mieszkanie utrzymane jest w naturalnych barwach

The apartment is kept in natural colors

Photo: Marta Behling/Pion Level

In natural colors

The featured house is half of a semi-detached house of 300 sqm on two levels. Those who enter are greeted by a spacious hall, where a mirrored wall was used. Thanks to it, it was possible to mask the entrance to the garage and the door to the pantry and guest bathroom. It also features a frame leaning against the wall is a design by Aneta Dudek. It is an original lamp in the form of a luminous sculpture. The hallway leads to a vast living room and kitchen, as well as a guest room. On the first floor, in turn, there was a master zone (the master bedroom with a separate dressing room and bathroom) and children's rooms.

The current functional layout required quite far-reaching changes to the developer's design, so now the whole thing meets the needs of the family.

- The guest bedroom downstairs was created in place of the utility room, while upstairs the spaces of parents and children were swapped places," recalls Aneta Dudek of Naboo Studio.

To the expectations of the investors and, above all, the investor, the designer also carefully adjusted the visual layout of the interior.

- The client had very precise expectations. She wanted stoneware tiles with underfloor heating, not wood, to appear on the entire first floor. A soft, neutral, universal color scheme was also important to her. The color range is therefore based on white with warm gray. It is only broken by carefully tended, lush plants and selected accessories," adds the second author of the project, Martyna Lesniewska.

Lampa w holu Hol ze szklaną ścianą

A hallway with a glass wall

Photo by Marta Behling/Pion Level

Living room and dining room

Despite the bright rather cool color scheme, the living room is extremely cozy. This is largely due to the fabrics that wrap the entire interior. A sprawling modular corner sofa plays a major role here, along with numerous decorative pillows and a shaggy rug. Also of great importance for the perception of the interior are the generous curtains made of thick fabric with a very dense weave, which hide behind the suspended ceiling from above.

- Here we wanted to open up the house to the garden interior. That's why we chose not curtains or blinds, but just curtains. During the day they are usually drawn apart, unless the family is having a movie screening," says Aneta Dudek.

There are three large windows in the living room, so the decision was made to install automatic curtain rods. The mechanism is hidden behind the aforementioned suspended ceiling, from under which soft light also seeps. The same window solutions appeared in the dining area. Here they provide an elegant backdrop for a custom-made table with a sintered top and German chairs.

 Salon połączony jest z jadalnia

The living room is connected to the dining room

Photo by Marta Behling/Pion Level


This room was lined with upholstered panels on one side and decorated with curtains on the other. On the floor, meanwhile, a fluffy carpet has appeared. All this makes the interior very cozy. The most important piece of furniture is, of course, a wide, comfortable bed. Right next to it you will find a pair of bedside tables with sculptural forms. The spaciousness of this relatively small space is added by a large round mirror with a sheet illuminated from underneath.

- The velour curtains are relatively plain. The corduroy on the cushions has stripes. The carpet resembles a short fur coat, and the bedspread has an embossed pattern. The more textures, the cozier the interior," stresses Martyna Lesniewska.

W sypialni znajduje się duże podświetlane lustro

The bedroom features a large illuminated mirror

Photo by Marta Behling/Pion Level


The guest bathroom, located on the first floor, features a large-format mirror, a graphite glass walk-in shower wall, a free-standing sink, white fixtures and a stretch ceiling with hidden lamps.

- Especially the latter creates a unique effect when soft milky light oozes from it," points out Aneta Dudek.

The children's bathroom also brings interesting solutions. The large room is divided in half by a cabinet-island with countertop sinks and a set of double-sided mirrors.

- Their panes are rotatable, which allows you to play with visual and lighting effects, and is expected to make it easier to apply makeup or shave in the future, Martyna Lesniewska points out.

Striking large-format wall graphics with a palm leaf motif appeared on the walls in the shower and above the bathtub. The fine mosaic in the shower area is not a terrazzo slab or its imitation, but the investor's dream of real white and black pebbles placed under a sheet of glass came true. The room has plenty of light - both artificial and natural, which comes in through two large windows.

The last bathroom is part of the master zone. Although small and, above all, narrow, it seems very spacious. This is due to the consistent white color scheme, broken only by the graphite wall of the shower and the vivid green of the plants growing here. To ensure that this aesthetic is not disturbed by everyday objects and cosmetics, there is a cabinet with capacious drawers under the sink, and above it - a mirrored cabinet with, among other things, sockets for charging electric toothbrushes.

 W łazience znajdują się rośliny W łazience wykorzystano grafiki wielkoformatowe

There are plants in the bathroom

Photo by Marta Behling/Pion Level

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