Too little working space? Railing in the kitchen interior

08 of December '21

Too little working space? Railing in the kitchen interior

When cooking, nothing should distract us. Every cook wants to have all the necessary utensils at hand, and at the same time plenty of working space. Placing all kitchen utensils on countertop surfaces is not an option.
A great solution for our kitchen can be kitchen rails. They are handy and easy to install. Their presence will eliminate the need to constantly pull out drawers and open cabinets in search of the most necessary utensils.

W koszykach
o różnych wymiarach przechowywać możemy drobiazgi, zaś na odpowiednio wyprofilowanych stelażach – powiesić papierowy

In baskets of different sizes we can store small items, while on appropriately shaped racks - hang paper


Kitchen rails are ...

By definition, rails are metal tubes attached to the wall. The name of the device comes from the English word "rail", meaning rail, crossbar. To attach them to the surface, you need to use special brackets. Their installation is extremely easy, and if you want to expand the list of items that can be placed on the bar you can easily modify them. Metal tubes are very durable, so we can hang even relatively heavy things on them, such as a jar of porridge. They are also easy to keep clean - all you need is an ordinary detergent.

Add variety to the interior design

In addition to functional considerations, they can also be a real decoration of the kitchen interior because they themselves are an interesting piece of equipment. And not only because we can hang on them hand-painted mugs or embroidered cloths inherited from grandma. They also look great when combined with natural wood, stone or solid cabinet fronts. They are very elegant, and at the same time - quite modest.

W ofercie firmy REJS
relingi dostępne są nie tylko w standardowym chromowym wykończeniu, ale również w głębokiej i niezwykle eleganckiej czerni.

In REJS' offer, the rails are available not only in standard chrome finish, but also in deep and extremely elegant black.


Completing the rails

In addition to the support rods themselves, the following types of rails can be used:

  • Hooks.
  • Mesh shelves.
  • Dryers.
  • Cup holders.
  • Towel holders.
  • Magnets.

A popular solution is to mount a dish drainer on the rails, and simply hang the most necessary cutlery - for example, a soup ladle that has a specially shaped end on the handle. Very functional are also baskets in the shape of a triangle, which will work well at the confluence of walls, for example, over a corner sink. In any of these applications, rails make it possible to free up space on the countertop and increase working space.

For more information, visit the company's REJS Spółka z o.o. page on thePdD portal.

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