11 easy-to-maintain potted plants

27 of December '21

Many of us have it this way - plants brought home, which looked beautiful on the store shelf, after a few weeks turn yellow, turn brown or lose their leaves.... There is an infinite number of varieties of houseplants to choose from, and if you have never delved into their knowledge before, you may have no idea which one to choose. If you want to beautify your home with a bit of greenery, but you're just getting started with plants and want to choose plants that are less demanding to maintain -here are 11 plants that are extremely easy to care for.

Sansevieria gwinejska jest
rośliną niewymagającą, łatwą w uprawie oraz odporną na suszę.

Guinea sansevieria is an undemanding plant that is easy to grow and drought-tolerant

© Jake Goossen

1. sansevieria

Otherwise known as serpentine, it is very popular for a reason: incredibly ornamental and easy to care for, it will be ideal for beginners. Sansevieria is characterized by exceptional resistance to lack of water. All varieties have in common that they adapt well to harsh living conditions - they are not intimidated by dry air, water shortage and low daylight. An undoubted advantage is also the slow growth, which is associated with the lack of need for frequent repotting.

 Powyginane pędy Draceny
Sandera to efekt specjalnej uprawy

The bent stems of Dracaena Sander are the result of special cultivation

© Severin Candrian

2.Lucky Bamboo

LuckyBamboo, despite its name and deluding resemblance, is not really a bamboo - it is Dracaena sanderiana. The plant can usually be purchased in a vial of water or in a group of several or a dozen plants in a flat container. It looks great in long and narrow glass vessels, filled with small pebbles or special hydrogel. It grows best in diffused light - too strong and too weak sunlight causes yellowing of the leaves.

Juka wnosi do wnętrza powiew
egzotyki i luksusu

Yucca brings an air of exoticism and luxury to the interior

© 26Pigeons


The recipe for a happy yucca is simple: sun, sun and more sun. Just plant the plant in a deep enough container to balance the heavy woody stems and water sparingly.

Rozróżniono około
czterdziestu gatunków draceny

About forty species of dracaena have been distinguished

© Severin Candrian

4th Dracaena

This is a low-maintenance species that is easy to grow. It likes bright places with plenty of diffused light (then it produces more intensely colored leaves). In the shade, dracaena grows slower and greener, while in sunny positions it often burns and loses its leaves. In summer, the dracaena requires abundant watering, even a short dryness causes the leaves to fall off. On the other hand, water must not linger in the stand.

W uprawie spotykane są różne
odmiany zielistki o malowniczo wybarwionych liściach

Various varieties of herbaceous dracaena with picturesquely colored leaves are found in cultivation

© Susan Wilkinson

5. herbaceous plant

This is a plant with long grass-like leaves. Just place it in a bright, sunny spot and it will grow quickly. It will also cope with low light. It retains water well, so it will survive even when you skip watering it. It also produces lots of sessile stems, which have small propagules that can be detached from the stem.

Na świecie istnieje ponad 650
różnych gatunków i odmian oplątwy

There are more than 650 different species and varieties of tangles in the world

© Severin Candrian

6. entanglements

They are probably the easiest plants in the world to grow. They don't need to be watered, transplanted, or find specialized fertilizer for them. These airy plants don't even need an elegant pot or a suitable substrate. The entanglements manage themselves, and create endless arrangement possibilities.

Kwiaty tej wyjątkowo odpornej
rośliny kształtem przypominają skrzydła owadów

The flowers of this extremely hardy plant are shaped like insect wings

© Severin Candrian

7. winged flower

If you are prone to overwatering, try this type of plant. These peaceful lilies can grow in extremely wet soil. With enough light, they will also produce beautiful white flowers all year round.



© Severin Candrian

8 - Aloe

Since it prefers diffused light, aloe vera would love a spot on a desk or bedside table. For optimal growth, it should be watered every week or two.

Kwitnący grudnik

Flowering clodwood

© wikimedia.org

9 - Grudnik

Also known as zygocactus or Christmas cactus, this is a potted plant that blooms practically all year round. It stores water in its fleshy leaves, so it tolerates periods of drought well. Instead, it does not like excessive moisture.

Mięsiste liście zamiokulasa

The fleshy leaves of the zamiokulas

© Severin Candrian


Officially named Zamioculcas zamiifolia, it is native to East Africa. A true "king of indestructible plants," the species tolerates drought, low light and really low humidity. Its fleshy leaves are extremely ornamental.

Epipremnum złociste to
przepiękne pnącze

Epipremnum goldenis is a beautiful climber

© Sandra Martins

11 - Golden Epipremnum

It likes slightly sunny places with plenty of diffused light. The plant also copes well in more shaded areas, although then it is slow growing and has less colorful leaves (sometimes almost entirely green). It is tolerant of temperature. The plant is sometimes capricious in terms of water. It needs to be watered regularly, but not too intensively - the substrate should not dry out.

Elaboration: Dominika Tyrlik

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