Family apartment on the coast

Katarzyna Szostak
24 of November '22

From the beginning, the Sopot apartment was intended solely for relaxation. It was to become an asylum to which you can escape from everyday life to get a taste of seaside vacations.


Living room

Photo by Magda Łojewska/Vey Photography © Dekorian Home

From the general to the detail

The 43-square-meter apartment in Sopot consists of a living space, i.e. a living room combined with a kitchen, a bedroom and a bathroom. The living space also includes a large terrace, where a lounge area and an outdoor dining area have been arranged. The goal determined the character of the interior. It is modern, comfortable and cozy. The project was designed and supervised by the Conceptownia architectural studio. The designers were equally attentive to both the general and the detail, such as providing the quietest possible dishwasher and hood. All this was done to make the interior visually appealing, while at the same time comfortable and pleasant to use.

- We derive great satisfaction from the fact that, despite several obstacles and moments of uncertainty, the project managed to materialize exactly as in the visualizations. At Conceptownia , it's all about making sure that a good design is followed by reliable implementation. Our eyes are on both the individualization of the projects - adapting them to the needs of the investors, as well as perfect renovation and furnishing," says studio owner Katarzyna Jędruszczak.

Lustrzane panele Panele można przestawiać

Mirror panels

Photo by Magda Łojewska/Vey Photography © Dekorian Home

A place of rest

-The apartment came to us in developer condition. It was like a blank canvas on which we could draw visions. The investors placed a great deal of trust in us and practically gave us a free hand in the creation of the space. They only communicated that the result was to be modern, comfortable and cozy. They wanted the stay in the apartment to give the feeling of being in a luxury hotel," says Katarzyna Jędruszczak.

Thus, the Sopot apartment was created from the beginning as a place for relaxation, not for everyday life. This determined its character and the organization of the space. For example, there was no need to devote a large part of the volume to cabinets for storing things.


Photo by Magda Łojewska/Vey Photography © Dekorian Home

A game of contrasts

The color scheme is based on the contrast created by a neutral base composed of broken white walls and beiges and strong accents (black or in an intense brick-red shade). The walls are mostly wallpapered. The architects were concerned with achieving an optical softness effect and improving acoustics. Thus, in the bedroom, on the wall behind the bed, a beautiful, large-format wall graphic reigns supreme. The living room is decorated with delicate wallpaper, whose interesting texture is emphasized by lighting installed at the right angle.

Jadalnia Kuchnia


Photo by Magda Łojewska/Vey Photography © Dekorian Home

A course for quality

One of the priorities was the use of top-class materials. In an interior with a small area, it is better not to introduce too many different elements of wall or floor finishes, as this optically reduces the space. Therefore, only two materials were chosen for the flooring. A wooden floor was laid in the living room and bedroom. It is brushed and lacquered, with a satin finish, distinguished by a small number of knots. It was matched with black slats. In turn, tiles were used in the hallway and kitchen. In the bathroom, the tiles were juxtaposed with a smooth large-format tile in beige and tiles in a brick-red shade.

Podświetlany regał Regał

Illuminated bookcase

Photo by Magda Łojewska/Vey Photography © Dekorian Home

Flexible solutions

A distinctive element of the interior is a row of three mirrored panels set next to the front door, designed by Conceptownia. Thanks to the fact that the panels are rotatable, they can be placed in any position: either visually separating the mini-hall from the living room with them, or, on the contrary, connecting the two zones by maintaining a clearance. A TV hangs on the wall in the living room, on which you can display images, photography or graphics, as well as change the color of the frames themselves. Thanks to these various options, the screen is deceptively similar to a work of art, which can be perfectly matched to any arrangement.

Łazienka Prysznic


Photo by Magda Łojewska/Vey Photography © Dekorian Home

Unique furniture

Conceptownia is also responsible for the design of the furniture development. In the bedroom, the architects wanted to move away from the idea of a typical floor-to-ceiling closet. Instead, they proposed an interesting piece of furniture divided into three parts. The lower one is occupied by drawers, the middle one has a lighted recess with a smoky mirror, while the upper part consists of closed cabinets with shelves and a bar. Another original piece of furniture is a bookcase in the living room, illuminated from behind. Its shelves correspond in color to the color of the fronts of the rest of theapartment's furnishings.



Photo by Magda Łojewska/Vey Photography © Dekorian Home

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