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14 of September '23
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  1. Boris Kudlička with Partners is responsible for the building's design, while the interior was created by Decoroom studio.
  2. The house was built by using wood prefabrication technology.
  3. The interior is dominated by wood that referrs to the surroundings.
  4. The green fronts of the kitchen cabinets and the red sofa are strong color accents.
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The house in the heart of Warmia and Mazury, on the shores of the Dąbrowa Wielka lake, was created with respect for the natural landscape and by using advanced ecological technologies. The building was designed by the Boris Kudlička with Partners studio, while the interior was created by the Decoroom studio.

Dom powstał za pomocą technologii drewnianej prefabrykacji

The house was built using wood prefabrication technology

Photography and styling: Kamila Markiewicz-Lubańska /Wnętrza w Obiektywie

Window to nature

Kalbornia is a small town two hours from Warsaw. In Warmia and Mazury region, in the heart of the land of a thousand lakes, here you can get a real taste of idyllic life, flowing in a natural rhythm. Right on the banks of the Dąbrowa Wielka lake, surrounded by forest and rich local nature, the Kalbornia Mazury development is being built, with Boris Kudlička in charge of the project. The first stage will include the construction of 35 year-round houses ranging in size from 79 sqm to 109 sqm, located on separate plots. The wooden architecture with huge glazings "opens" the space to the surrounding nature. The rooms have been finished with materials that allude to the local ecosystem. The predominant material here is wood in various forms, and it sets the tone for the project. It alludes to the beauty of the surrounding nature, but also to the architecture of the cottages, which were made using wood prefabrication technology, translating into a low carbon footprint of the investment.

Dom znajduje się nad jeziorem Dąbrowa Wielka

The house is located by the Dąbrowa Wielka lake

Photography and styling: Kamila Markiewicz-Lubańska /Wnętrza w Obiektywie

Natural inspirations

The base of the arrangement is a wooden floor, perfectly corresponding with the window woodwork made of the same material. Soothing atmosphere is introduced by pine wood with natural knots and irregular coloring, which decorates part of the walls, bevels and ceilings. The original fronts of cabinets and furniture buildings are crowned with pine veneer with decorative grain. It covers the fixed built-ins throughout the interior, except for the kitchen.

We wnętrzu dominuje drewno nawiązujące do otoczenia

The interior is dominated by wood that referrs to the surroundings

Photography and styling: Kamila Markiewicz-Lubańska /Wnętrza w Obiektywie

A touch of color

The kitchen, on the other hand, relies on matte, muted green fronts, which are a strong stylistic accent and neatly correspond to the nature outside the windows. In addition to the natural element, it brings harmony to the interiors and a colorful element that enlivens the space. A similar function is performed by the wine-colored sofa, positioned to create an ideal resting point for the household overlooking the forest and lake.

Zielone fronty zabudowy kuchennej i czerwona sofa stanowią mocne akcenty kolorystyczne

The green fronts of the kitchen cabinets and the red sofa are strong color accents

Photography and styling: Kamila Markiewicz-Lubańska /Wnętrza w Obiektywie

Another face of wood

In the bathroom, on the other hand, we find large-format tiles imitating stone in dark gray. The character of the interior is also built by the cabinet under the sink. It is made of the aforementioned pine veneer and crowned with a green countertop.

Łazienka została wyłożona szarymi wielkoformatowymi płytkami Szafka pod umywalkę ma zielony blat

The bathroom is covered with gray large-format tiles

Photography and styling: Kamila Markiewicz-Lubańska /Wnętrza w Obiektywie

A new interpretation of tradition

The interior design is complemented by accessories, referring to local handicraft traditions not only with materials, but also with their form and manufacturing technique. Patterned carpets, woven lamps and ceramic dishes, as well as vases with rounded lines with compositions of plants from the surrounding meadows, introduce an element of idyllicity into the decor. Meanwhile, pleace for relaxation is provided by a private sauna, fireplace, underfloor heating and air conditioning. Large glazings, routed to the height of two floors, bring natural light into the interiors and allow to enjoy the Mazurian landscape. You can also enjoy it on the spacious terrace.

We wnętrzu znajdziemy wiele nawiązowań do tradycyjnego rękodzieła

 You can find many references to traditional handicrafts here

Photography and styling: Kamila Markiewicz-Lubańska /Wnętrza w Obiektywie

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