How to waterproof a balcony or terrace?

11 of May '23

Precipitation, lingering water, fluctuating temperatures and moisture affect the rate of aging of a building. Balconies and terraces are elements of the structure that, protruding beyond its contours, are even more exposed to weather conditions. So how to properly waterproof them?

Balkony i tarasy są bardziej narażone na działanie warunków atmosferycznych

Balconies and terraces are more exposed to weather conditions

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What should be taken care of when performing waterproofing?

All sensitive zones, such as corners or flashing areas, require a permanent seal that will prevent, water from entering the structural layer of the building. Due to differences in size, shape and construction, different balconies or terraces require matching the appropriate method of waterproofing and selection of the system. It is very important that the work proceeds quickly and efficiently, preferably regardless of the prevailing weather conditions.

Wybierz jak najbardziej elastyczny materiał

Choose the most flexible material possible

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Material selection

The material used should, above all, be flexible. This is especially important in areas where there are significant structural or material stresses, such as when connecting a horizontal surface to a wall. Mineral-based materials, enriched with polymers, perform best. They guarantee tightness, are resistant to frost, aging and adverse weather conditions. The use of preparations that have the ability to bridge cracks will ensure tightness when scratches appear, while a rigid coating will crack and allow moisture to penetrate. It is best to choose solutions that are part of a single system. This ensures full compatibility of its individual components and eliminates the possibility of chemical collisions. Before buying waterproofing materials, you need to consider how large the area to be insulated. The larger it is, the more flexible the applied materials should be. You must also remember to protect the metal parts of the terrace or balcony from contact with polymers and cement. In this way you will protect them from corrosion.

Zastanów się jak duża powierzchnia będzie izolowana

Consider how large an area will be insulated

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How do you waterproof a terrace?

When waterproofing a terrace, the location of the terrace plays a key role. In the case of an above-ground terrace, care should be taken to lay a cut-off layer underneath the structural slab, which will block the ingress of water through capillary rise and protect the structure from moisture coming from the ground. If you have a terrace located directly above the living area, water penetration into the structure will result in a damp ceiling and the development of mold and mildew. When dealing with the waterproofing of an above-ground terrace, you should also make waterproofing of the structural slab. This will also make it act as a vapor barrier.

Położenie tarasu odgrywa kluczową rolę w jego hydroizolacji

The location of the terrace plays a key role in its waterproofing

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What is important when waterproofing a balcony?

The optimal protection against the ingress of water and moisture into the construction of a balcony in a composite system is to make a sub-tile seal on the structural slab with an appropriate slope, which will allow water to flow freely from the covered surface. In particular, balconies of older residential buildings carry the highest requirements for the sealing material used. Wanting to minimize the time of renovation, it is required to use solutions that provide long-term protection of the building substance despite exposure to strong mechanical and chemical loads.

Pamiętaj o hydroizolacji balkonu

Remember to hydroseal your balcony

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