How to make a quick metamorphosis of a wooden table?

17 of March '23

Spring is the perfect time for small changes in interior design. A quick but effective change will bring a repainting of a piece of furniture, such as a wooden table.

Metamorfoza drewnianego stolika

Metamorphosis of a wooden table

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Paint selection

Before starting the work, think about which piece of furniture you want to undergo a color metamorphosis and what color you want to give it. We can also combine several shades. We are limited only by our imagination. A new color accent added in this way can completely change the character of the interior. However, remember to choose the right paint for the surface to be painted.

Wybór odpowiedniej farby jest kluczem do odpowiedniej metamorfozy

Choosing the right paint is the key to a suitable metamorphosis

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Before starting work, the furniture should be thoroughly cleaned. If there are residues of another topcoat product on it, it should be sanded with sandpaper until it is smooth. The whole thing should then be dusted off. In any case, you need to remove dust, dirt, stains and loose parts. For this you can use a dedicated detergent or use the means you have at home. If necessary, fill in the defects with a suitable putty.

Pracę musisz rozpocząć od oczyszczenia mebla

You must start your work by cleaning the furniture

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A painted piece of furniture will retain its new look for a long time, if the colored enamel achieves proper adhesion to the substrate. To make this possible, it is worth priming the surface. In the case of wooden furniture, a dedicated primer will work well. On the other hand, for MDF surfaces and metal elements you should use other means.

Warto zagruntować powierzchnię mebla

It is worth priming the surface of the furniture

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Before you start painting, you need to mix the enamel thoroughly, and then apply it with a roller or brush, spreading it evenly over the surface. After waiting min. 4 hours you can apply a second coat. Choose an enamel that dries quickly, has a delicate fragrance and is safe for allergy sufferers. After you finish painting, you must clean your tools thoroughly with water.

Pomaluj mebel dwiema warstwami emalii

Paint the furniture with two coats of enamel

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