An interior inspired by...a walk

01 of September '23
w skrócie
  1. The project was created by Ada Skwira and Malgorzata Liebhart of WZ studio.
  2. The apartment in Warsaw's Praga district belongs to an investor who loves to travel.
  3. The color of the kitchen's built-in is inspired by a leaf found by the apartment owner on a walk.
  4. The bathroom is decorated with oriental lamps.
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Can leaves brought from a walk be an inspiration for an interior? Ada Skwira and Małgorzata Liebhart of WZ studio prove that it is possible!

Mieszkanie na warszawskiej Pradze należy do inwestorki uwielbiającej podróże

An apartment in Warsaw's Praga district belongs to an investor who loves to travel

Photo: Pion Poziom

A place of rest

The investor works in Warsaw and devotes her free time to traveling. The apartment for a person leading such an active lifestyle was to be an asylum and a place of rest, at the same time reminding her of her travels.

- We wanted the space to be open and friendly, and for the client's daily life to be as comfortable and unrestricted as possible - the designers emphasize.

Natural materials play the first fiddle here, creating the unique atmosphere of this Praga apartment. The architects opted for oak veneers, linen, cotton and rattan furniture finishes. Some of the walls were covered with rough gypsum plaster, which, contrasting with the smooth wood, creates a unique character of the interior.

We wnętrzu dominują naturalne materiały

The interior is dominated by natural materials

Photo: Pion Poziom

Unexpected inspiration

- The owner was very keen on a green kitchen. However, choosing the right color was a challenge. One day she brought to our studio leaves she had collected, which became the inspiration for the dominant shade in the apartment - reveal Ada Skwira and Małgorzata Liebhart of WZ Studio.

This is how the kitchen with a large corner cabinet was created. Capacious cabinets also hide all kitchen appliances, making the space tidy. There was also room for a dining area consisting of a wooden table and chairs decorated with Viennese plaid.

Kolor zabudowy kuchennej inspirowany jest liściem znalezionym przez właścicielkę mieszkania na spacerze

The color of the kitchen built-in is inspired by a leaf found by the owner of the apartment on a walk

Photo: Pion Poziom

Meeting place

In the living room, a large and comfortable sofa draws attention. The investor often invites her friends, so such a piece of furniture is a great solution. The floor laid in a classic herringbone pattern together with a cream carpet give the room a classic and elegant character. Movie screenings and a show of photos from exotic trips are made possible by the TV, which is the focal point of the room. Right next to it are two capacious bookcases inscribed in the wall. This is an ideal place to display travel souvenirs. An eye-catching element is also a massive pillar, which was a very unsightly structural element planned by the developer's design department. The architects decided to clad it with veneer. This simple procedure made it possible to transform the shortcoming into an interesting decoration and an original accent of the entire interior.

Głównym punktem salonu jest telewizor

The focal point of the living room is the TV set

Photo: Pion Poziom

Classics with a twist

The arrangement of the bedroom is consistent with the rest of the apartment. Light grays, wood and a touch of olive green dominate here. The main role here, of course, is played by a large bed with an upholstered headrest. The wall behind it is highlighted with delicate stucco. The built-in closet, meanwhile, will accommodate all clothes and accessories. However, it is worth noting what hides behind it. In the alcove there is a dressing table and a mirror occupying the entire wall. The beauty corner has been delineated with gray tiles, which contrast in an interesting way with the wooden floor in the main part of the bedroom. The cheery on top of this arrangement is a wallpaper with a palm tree motif, which again refers to the owner's traveling passion.

W sypialni znalazło się miejsce na toaletkę

In the bedroom there was room for a dressing table

Photo: Pion Poziom

Oriental accent

An intriguing detail of the bathroom is the characteristic lamps hanging above the bathtub. Placing a hanging fixture in such a place was possible, thanks to the use of models with increased tightness. Extravagant accessories look beautiful against the background of a calm arrangement kept in shades of white and gray with the addition of light wood.

Ozdobą łazienki są orientalne lampy

The ornament of the bathroom is oriental lamps

Photo: Pion Poziom

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