5 ways to organize your interior in Chromatic Modernism style

20 of January '23

How to arrange an interior in the style of Chromatic Modernism? What exactly is this style? We present 5 things that are necessary when creating such an interior.

Chromatic Modernism is a trend that combines the simplicity and functionality of past styles with the magic of colors. It originated from Modernism, which was born in the 1920s and was a response to the needs of a changing world. Over the following decades, it impressed with its simplicity, functionality and usefulness in both architecture and interior design. Giving up glamour in favor of unsophisticated elegance, it continues to be a key inspiration for architects and designers today.

First and foremost, utility

Modernism abandons all kinds of ornamentation in favor of functionality. A great example of this are practical built-in furniture for the whole or at least a large part of the wall, replacing small-sized furniture. They allow optimal use of the available space, providing plenty of storage space.

Regał na całą ścianę doskonale sprawdzi się we wnętrzu w tym stylu

A bookcase for the whole wall will work perfectly in the interior in this style

Photo by Łukasz Bieniecki, © Hyzprojektuje

Colors instead of decorations

Subtle pastels contrast here with more saturated, though subdued hues, playing a stylistic game among themselves. Introduced into the interiors, often on the basis of geometric juxtapositions, they consciously refer to the roots of modernism, creating a colorful background for limited details. Intriguing colors replace superfluous decorations, attracting the eye and focusing attention while enlivening the space.

Gra kolorami zastępuje tutaj dekoracje

The play of colors here replaces decorations

© Ring Studio

Large spacious rooms with an inflow of natural light

Interiors in modernist style impress with their spaciousness. Even in small and cramped rooms they allow you to feel the space, catch a deep breath, relax. This is due to the subordination of aesthetics to purely utilitarian functions and the abandonment of excessive accessories.

Wnętrza w stylu Chromatic Modernism wyróżniają się przestrzennością

Interiors in the Chromatic Modernism style are distinguished by their spaciousness

© J Creative Studio

Playing with geometric form

Although chromatic modernism rejects ornamentation, this does not mean that the furniture used in this style is boring. Instead of patterns, we play with form. Original geometric shapes or interesting solids will fit perfectly into this style.

Wybieraj meble o ciekawej formie

Choose furniture with an interesting form

Photo: Mateusz Jakubczyk

Smooth surfaces

Large furniture and built-ins maintained in subdued colors create a subtle background for the entire arrangement. They combine functionality with elegance. So choose a closet or chest of drawers with a smooth, glossy finish. The one in the shade of warm brown will be ideal.

Gładkie powierzchnie stanowią doskonałe tło dla reszty stylizacji

Smooth surfaces are the perfect background for the rest of the styling

© Komandor

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