Green-filled bathrooms and cozy bedrooms

30 of May '23

Earlier we already looked into the living area of architect Hanna Pietras' house. Today we're looking at bathroom, bedroom and children's room arrangements.

Quiet zone

The bedroom is located in the attic. Already from the entrance to the room, the combination of subdued grays with ruddy orange shades catches the eye. This combination adds a touch of vintage to the interior. For the architect and her husband, it was important to create a space for relaxation that would not be overloaded with furniture and other objects.

- The assumption was that when you enter the bedroom you can totally "turn off your head." Hence there is a large bed and soft carpeting. It may seem that there is less going on in this part of the house, but contrary to appearances, there are a lot of materials and structures here. On the wall you'll find silk wallpaper, a natural fabric. The floor is covered with a wool carpet. The wood that appears here is natural oak on the bed and whitewashed - on the door. So these differences are very minimal, but when you put them together, you feel that this is a cozy place to rest - says Hanna Pietras.

Sypialnia w szarościach i odcieniach rudego

Bedroom in gray and shades of red

Photography and styling: Follow The Flow Studio

Cozy children's area

The children's room was decorated in bright colors. White, shades of beige and natural materials dominate here. In the interior you will find a wooden set consisting of a table and chair. Right next to it an original armchair with wooden legs and teddy upholstery found its place. In the middle is a pleasant beige carpet, which not only warms the atmosphere, but is also a great space for playing. The whole is complemented by capacious furniture. Each of them in a slightly different style and color, but all of them fit into the style of the arrangement. In particular, the attention is drawn to the chest of drawers with ornaments in the form of cut-outs on the fronts.

Pokój dziecięcy w beżu

Children's room in beige

Photography and styling: Follow The Flow Studio

Urban jungle in the bathroom

The first bathroom is a real spacious bath salon. The architect wanted the space to be treated like a room. Attention is drawn to the wallpaper imitating plants, as well as the free-standing bathtub with an original faucet and the shower hidden behind a fluted glass pane. The living room effect is emphasized by an armchair with velour upholstery standing next to the bathtub and a small wooden table. Wood can also be found in the form of a vintage-style sink cabinet. On the floor, on the other hand, an element that alludes to this aesthetic is a mosaic called gorse tiles.

Welurowy fotel Szafka vintage

Velour armchair and vintage cabinet

Photography and styling: Follow The Flow Studio

Among the plants

The second bathroom was also decorated in green. The room is located in the attic. This was cleverly used by placing the sink under the window. As a result, this zone is beautifully illuminated by natural light. Due to the small size, a simple shower cubicle is located here. Completely transparent glass and the lack of clear frames prevents it from optically overwhelming the space. The slant was used to create a built-in, in which the washing machine and dryer were placed. The walls and floors beautifully contrast white and gray with greenery. There are many plants here, making the interior cozy.

Łazienka znajduje się na poddaszu

The bathroom is located in the attic

Photography and styling: Follow The Flow Studio

Zabudowa z pralką i suszarką

Enclosure with washer and dryer

Photography and styling: Follow The Flow Studio

A clever design for a small bathroom

The third last bathroom is also the smallest one. In order not to overwhelm the room, it was designed in bright colors. Both the walls and the floor are covered with bright tiles with a geometric, abstract pattern. This also optically enlarges the space. As in the previous bathroom, here you will also find a simple shower cubicle. The whole is complemented by a large mirror and an interesting orange lamp.

Pomarańczowa lampa dodaje koloru wnętrzu Łazienka w jasnych barwach

The orange lamp adds color to the interior

Photography and styling: Follow The Flow Studio

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