More than a trend. Bouclé wool and teddy fur

16 of January '23

Furniture and accessories made of bouclé wool and teddy fur are experiencing a real renaissance. What are the characteristics of these fabrics and how to bring this trend into the interior?

Wool bouclé

The name of this material comes from the French language and means something curly. Wool bouclé has a very interesting spatial finish. It consists of decoratively twisted yarn with loops. The number and type of coarsening depends on the type of yarn used. This gives it a characteristic fleshy texture. Although bouclé wool in a single, usually subdued color has gained the greatest popularity, it can be woven from threads in many colors. Then beautiful multicolored combinations appear on the fabric. Bouclé is an extremely cozy fabric, however, it has great air circulation and wicks away moisture well. So you don't have to worry about discomfort when using furniture lined with this material during the summer. Bouclé also requires no special care. All you need to do is vacuum it with a machine set to the lowest power setting and a fabric brush.

Fotel z wełną bouclé

An armchair with bouclé wool

© WestwingNow

Teddy fur

Traditionally, teddy is made of sheep or lamb fur. Fortunately, synthetic alternatives are available on the market. They are mostly made of cotton yarn and synthetic polyacrylic yarn, and then dyed in the colors of your choice. One of the advantages of synthetic teddy fur is its ease of care. It is enough to simply wash it in the washing machine.

Fotel z futrem teddy

Armchair with teddy fur

© WestwingNow

How to bring bouclé and teddy into the interior?

Both fabrics are extremely soft and pleasant to the touch. So they will work perfectly as an addition to interiors with a lot of stone and wood, adding to their coziness. They will perfectly fit into Scandinavian-style interiors. Such distinctive fabrics are best used on straight or rounded furniture. Also be careful not to overdo the number of such elements. One piece of furniture, such as a sofa, an armchair, a pouffe or a few cushions will be enough. Especially good will look models in neutral shades, from white through beige to gray.

Puf z wełną bouclé

Puff with bouclé wool

© WestwingNow

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