A cinema room with a wine cellar and a double office room, the interiors of a luxury villa

15 of June '23
w skrócie
  1. The nearly 400-square-meter villa on a slope is located in Rumia.
  2. Paweł Łęczycki of Modeko.Studio is responsible for its design.
  3. Smart lighting is used throughout the house.
  4. The villa includes a cinema room with a wine cellar.
  5. The study was designed so that two people can use it at the same time.
  6. The master zone consists of a bedroom, two dressing rooms and a bathroom.
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Previously, we have already looked at the living area of a nearly 400-square-meter house on a slope. Today we present the cinema room, study and master zone of the project by Pawel Łęczycki of Modeko.Studio.

In good light

Lighting, which plays a hugely important role in the presented house, is based on smart home system solutions. Here, detailed calculations allow not only the precise design of color temperature and light intensity, but also make it possible to adjust these parameters on an ongoing basis depending on changing needs. In this way, the lighting layer participates in the creation of variable interior scenography. An intuitive system is used to control all installations, from the most practical (heating, ventilation, external blinds) to those related to entertainment (audio and video). Also, through, among other things, alarm signaling and smoke and flood sensors, guards the most precious value - the safety of residents. The jewel of this system are the elegant electrical fixtures, which allow unification of all the house's controls.

W domu wykorzystano system smart home

The house uses a smart home system

© Modeko.Studio

Cinema and wine

A place designed for spending time with friends is the cinema room. It is preceded by a wine bar with a collection of liquors and a bar area. It was created especially for the homeowner, passionate about mixing exquisite drinks. These rooms are recessed into the slope and are deprived of daylight, so carefully planned, scenographic lighting effects are particularly important here. The mood is also created by a sculptural liquor storage system that makes the bottles appear to levitate. This is complemented by two panels of brown glass. Lit at the core, they give a strong, graphic effect. Vis-a-vis the wine coolers and one step further - there is a built-in bar. Its elegance is emphasized by a copper-toned corrugated metal cover.

Salę kinową poprzeda winiarnia

The cinema hall was preceded by a wine bar

© Modeko.Studio

The cinema hall has more functions than its name indicates. The investor is also an audiophile, so he was keen to have a properly soundproofed space at home with a music system coordinated with the projector. At the same time, the space was to be used for relaxation. Soft upholstered half-shafts on the walls also serve as acoustic panels. A fold-out sofa also stood here. The zone is complemented by soft carpeting. Jeweled wall sconces became the ornament of this space. The wall for projection was made of stretched fabric, behind which additional speakers of the audio system are hidden.

Sala kinowa

Cinema room

© Modeko.Studio

Working place for two

Part of the living area is a double home office adjacent to the living room, which allows a pair of owners to work together. The interior exudes minimalist tranquility, as the appliances necessary here and the countless binders with documents are hidden behind fronts with herringbone oak paneling. The idea of work-life balance is served by modular seating that balances the office area functionally. Balance also prevails in the color and material disposition of this room. Viewed from the sofa, it shows a lot of dark wood, door and ceiling in black. From the perspective of the desks, on the other hand, it turns out to be very bright, which contributes to the comfort of work. The character of the interior is defined by myriad concrete textures in gray-beige and graphite shades. Structural plaster on the ceiling and walls was broken by the softness of the fabrics of the curtains and sofa. A circular relief completes the visual effect.

W gabinecie jest przestrzeń do pracy dla dwóch osób

The home office has work space for two people

© Modeko.Studio

Luxurious master zone

The comfortable master zone consists of a bedroom, two individual dressing rooms and a private bathroom. The bedroom exudes softness and coziness. The bed is situated in such a way that when we wake up we have a view of the slope. The wall behind the furniture was made of smooth panelled and lamellae. Next to it there was a dressing table and ingeniously hidden capacious furniture, used for storing cosmetics and grooming utensils.

Sypialnia z drewnianą ścianą

Bedroom with wooden wall

© Modeko.Studio

Through one of the hidden doors in the bedroom one enters the bathroom. The atmosphere of this interior is created by a balanced composition of precious stone with wood and warm white. The wood used for the console with the sink is also whitewashed. The use of lighter wood calms the bathroom space, creating harmony between the materials. The architect took care of the quality of the details - both functional and visual. A skylight was created above the free-standing bathtub, which allows you to look at the sky while bathing. In turn, the wall in the background was made of milky glass, so that more daylight penetrates into the communication zone of the house's living space.

Łazienka w strefie master Łazienka wyposażona jest zarówno w wannę jak i prysznic

The bathroom is equipped with both a bathtub and a shower

© Modeko.Studio

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