Matte and gloss in the kitchen design

08 of November '23

The arrangement is distinguished by the clever use of different shades of gray, as well as the contrasting combination of matte surfaces with fluted elements. Everything is emphasized by ambient lighting and reflective glass panels.

W aranżacji wykorzystano ciemne barwy oraz intrygujące materiały

The arrangement uses dark colors and intriguing materials


The zone that shapes the whole space

The kitchen was custom-made. Skillfully selected measures create a luxurious whole, which, at the same time, is not too ostentatious. Thoughtful composition has made the kitchen a real heart of the house. This place not only performs practical functions, but is also an important element shaping the style of the living area of the house.

Witrynki to świetne miejsce do wyeksponowania zastawy

Showcases are a great place to expose tableware


An island that meets individual needs

The main role in the kitchen development is played by the island. The furniture has been finished with striking natural quartzite. It also has a number of solutions specially designed for this project. The compact form of the island is broken by illuminated drawers-vitrines. Linear, led lighting surrounds sections of the island with drawers with fluted fronts.Through the length of the tabletop, however, runs an intriguing, multifunctional element. Hidden in it are pots for herbs with water drainage and practical storage compartments. Hidden in the ceiling is an island hood. When activated, the device lowers to the optimal height above the induction hob.

W blacie stworzono specjalne miejsce na zioła Szuflady na wyspie wyróżniają się ryflowanymi frontami

Drawers on the island are distinguished by fluted fronts


Hidden functionalities

The tall cabinet is finished in an anthracite-colored lacquer. It is distinguished by a deep matte texture. It also features a display cabinet with tinted glass and household appliances in shades of gray. Hidden in the furniture is a passage to the pantry, located at the back of the kitchen. This allows everything to remain consistent and minimalist.

Drzwi do spiżarni zostały ukryte w zabudowie

The door to the pantry has been hidden in the built-ins


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