Interior of a summer house inspired by fire

06 of April '23

The complex of three cottages is located in the picturesque seaside town of Sasino. Their interiors, reffer to fire, water and earth. They were designed by Marta Czerkies. Today we take a look at the first of them.

We wnętrzu dominują odcienie czerwieni

The interior is dominated by shades of red

Domki Trzy Żywioły, photo by Piotr Czaja, design by Marta Czerkies

Sasino is a Kashubian village located halfway between Łeba and Białogóra. Tourists appreciate the place for its tranquility, excellent climate, beautiful pine forests and picturesque dunes overgrown with heather and dwarf pine. It is close to the Baltic Sea and its wide, clean and uncrowded beaches. A favorite destination for walks is the Stilo lighthouse. There is also a well-developed network of routes for Nordic walking and cycling. It is here that the presented complex of summer cottages was built. In terms of functionality, they are identical. However, each of them has a completely different atmosphere and color scheme. The leitmotif, are the three elements - fire, water and earth.

Domki inspirowane są zabudową skandynawską

The cottages are inspired by Scandinavian buildings

Domki Trzy Żywioły, photo by Piotr Czaja, design by Marta Czerkies

- I suggested this idea to the investor at the very beginning of the talks, when the still empty plot was just waiting for construction to begin. We later developed the initial concept during a brainstorming session. We based detailed solutions on it - says Marta Czerkies.

Biurko w sypialni Łazienka została urządzona w drewnie

Desk in the bedroom and bathroom

Domki Trzy Żywioły, photo by Piotr Czaja, design by Marta Czerkies

"Fire" is an extremely energetic interior. The color scheme here is based on a vivid and bold juxtaposition of juicy red and ginger with velvety black. The necessary balance and tranquility are introduced by various shades of gray - from silvery to anthracite. A similar effect and reference to the surrounding nature is guaranteed by the use of wood. Here and there also appears soothing green, which by contrast emphasizes the energy of the other colors. An intriguing element of the arrangement is the wallpaper behind the bed in the bedroom. It depicts a banana leaf motif, but is kept in red.

Sypialnia z tapetą z motywem liści bananowca

Bedroom with wallpaper with banana leaf motif

Domki Trzy Żywioły, photo by Piotr Czaja, design by Marta Czerkies

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