What does Edyta and Cezary Pazura's bedroom look like? The interior is filled with wood

13 of September '23
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  1. Edyta and Cezary Pazur's country house is located in Warmia.
  2. The floor was covered with planks in a classic herringbone pattern.
  3. Oak planks were also laid on the headboard of the bed.
  4. The rest of the arrangement consists of vintage-style medbels and accessories in natural colors.
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The hand-aged floor of a country house in Warmia was laid in a classic herringbone pattern. However, oak planks decorate not only the floor, but also the headboard of the bed.

Idyllic tranquility

Edyta and Cezary Pazura value naturalness, tranquility and balance provided by contact with nature and the opportunity to relax in the beautiful surroundings of forests, meadows and lakes. That's why they love to spend time in their country house in Warmia, whose climate and decor provides a great opportunity for blissful relaxation. The result of a recent renovation is the metamorphosis of the bedroom.

Edyta i Cezary Pazura lubią spędzać czas w swoim domku na Warmii

Edyta and Cezary Pazura enjoy spending time in their cottage in Warmia

© Jawor-Parkiet

Wrapped in wood

The arrangement stands out thanks to the unusual use of wood flooring. This is because Edyta and Cezary Pazura decided to use planks also on the headboard of the bed. The headboard made of oak planks serves as an original interior decoration. It reaches all the way to the ceiling and is definitely the main point of the arrangement, drawing attention from the entrance. However, it is also worth looking at the floor itself. The original cool color and shimmering burnt wood surface adds to the coziness of the interior. This effect is emphasized by the way it is laid. The timeless and expressive classic herringbone allows a striking play of light on the surface of the floor and wall, which adds a unique charm to the whole.

- I was very curious about the effect of combining the wooden floor and headboard with our stylish furniture or beams on the ceiling. It turned out that all the elements of the arrangement go well together. And what's important, this floor also fits perfectly into the atmosphere of our house, it just fits us - says Edyta Pazura.

Podłoga została pokryta deskami w układzie jodełki klasycznej

The floor was covered with boards in a classic herringbone pattern

© Jawor-Parkiet

A journey in time

The rest of the interior is also kept in an idyllic atmosphere. Natural materials dominate here and are complemented by retro elements. A wooden bookcase next to the bed is the perfect place to store books and display trinkets. The dark wood-colored piece of furniture has a beautiful ornament on the very top. On the other side, however, we can find another furniture gem. The wooden chest of drawers directly transports us back in time. The vintage form of the furniture and ornate details beautifully emphasize the rustic character of the arrangement. The whole is complemented by an impressive chandelier, which also clearly refers to the past, as well as a classic candlestick. Against this background, a green lamp with a fluted base and a white shade stands out.

- The quintessence of the metamorphosis of our bedroom is the accessories in the colors of green, brown, beige, referring to the place and the surrounding nature. In combination with the wood in the interior, the whole looks just perfect - adds Edyta Pazura.

Reszta aranżacji składa się z medbli w stylu vintage i dodatków w naturalnych barwach.

The rest of the arrangement consists of vintage-style medbels and accessories in natural colors

© Jawor-Parkiet

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