With a visit to grandmother by the sea, or coastal grandmother style

05 of August '22

Fashion, interior design, or maybe lifestyle? #Coastalgrandmother has taken social media by storm. We suggest how to adopt the coastal trend to your interior.

Szykowny taras idealnie wpisuje się w styl coastal grandmother

A chic terrace perfectly fits the coastal grandmother style

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What is the coastal grandmother style?

This style is inspired by the aesthetics depicted in Nancy Meyers' films. It mainly refers to "It's Complicated" and "Better Late Than Late." The characters, played by Meryl Streep and Diane Keaton, are middle-aged women who live in lavish coastal estates and unexpectedly experience more love adventures. The films follow a similar aesthetic, expressed primarily through the main characters' style of dress and distinctive interior design. It's mainly white, blue, as well as various shades of gray and beige - both in terms of fashion and home decoration. The trend was popularized by tiktoker Lex Nicoleta. In a short video she shared, she showed exactly what the "grandmother of the coast" aesthetic is all about. The video instantly went viral. The trend is currently breaking records in popularity. On TikTok, # coastalgrandmother already has more than a billion views. Meanwhile, searches for the aforementioned phrase on Google have increased by 1,300% since the beginning of the year.

Morskie dekoracje powinny ograniczyć się do sztuki

Marine decorations should be limited to art only

Photo by Annie Spratt © UNSPLASH

Praise for simplicity

Fortunately, you don't have to have grandchildren or a cottage by the sea to bring this social media trend to your interior. The style doesn't only apply to elderly people living in a wooden cottage by the sea with a large veranda, a beautiful garden and a spacious kitchen. Even in a small and modern apartment, you can add a few touches that will give the interior a coastal vibe. Remember that the coastal grandmother trend is more than clothes or furniture. It is, above all, a joyful lifestyle. It is about celebrating small, ordinary moments. The interior design that refers to this trend is supposed to make you enjoy drinking your morning coffee and relaxing in a cozy corner for reading books. Coastal grandmother is comfortable, unforced and classy. For inspiration, you can watch other Nancy Mayers films such as The Apprentice, Holiday, Father of the Bride andDon't Believe the Twins.

Różne odcienie bieli dominują we wnętrzu w stylu coastal grandmother

Various shades of white dominate the coastal grandmother style interior

Photo by Hutomo Abrianto © UNSPLASH

Coastal colors

The base for the coastal grandmother style interior is all shades of white. Milky, alabaster, broken white, cream, ivory color. Mix them all to create depth. Then add complementary earth colors. Beiges, light browns, caramel, shades of gray. Complete the whole look with a pinch of blue. Importantly, you can't overdo this color. Coastal grandmother is not a Hamptons or nautical style, and here there is no room for too obvious references to nautical aesthetics. So do away with shells, ropes, lanterns and rudders. Coastal grandmother refers to the decor of houses on the coast. Thus, it is subtle and classy. Marine accents manifest here only in delicate accessories or artwork. Blue, on the other hand, is the cherry on the troth of the whole styling. Opt for delicate and pastel shades. A noble blue or an intense yet elegant indigo will be perfect. Also, give up on patterns, and if you do decide on them, opt for simple and abstract ones.

Białą bazę uzupełnij niebieskimi dodatkami

Complement the white base with blue accessories

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Organic chic

A coastal grandmother style interior is filled with natural materials. Choose furniture made of wood and rattan. Add jute rugs, woolen bedspreads and cotton pillows. For a modern coastal cottage look, replace ordinary curtains with those made of linen. Lots of light coming in is absolutely key to achieving a coastal vibe. Meanwhile, the kitchen should be dominated by marble countertops, necessarily in white, copper utensils and handmade ceramics. Instead of scouring interior design stores, go to a flea market. Vintage elements and antiques will give the interior a "grandmotherly" style. They will also make even a new space look polished over the years. Don't forget the details. Fresh flowers will add a touch of color and emphasize the fresh character of the interior. While candles with a linen or teak scent will add a cozy touch.

Postaw na naturalne materiały

Opt for natural materials

Photo by Keegan Checks © Pexels

Elaboration: Katarzyna Szostak

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