"In cooperation with an investor, the most important thing is communication." Magdalena Tarnowska of Decoroom studio in the series "10 questions to an interior designer".

"10 Questions to an Interior Designer" is a series of short talks inspired by the series "10 Questions to...". This time our attention is turned to interior architects. In today's episode, Magdalena Tarnowska talks about her approach to design.

Magdalena Tarnowska - director of the design department at the Decoroom studio, specializing in turnkey finishing of apartments and houses, as well as projects from the PRS sector. Associated with the real estate industry for 16 years. Interior designer by training, passionate about good design and beautiful objects by choice.

1 Home for me is.

My family and closest people. Their presence filling the interiors is what makes me feel comfortable and safe there.

2.The key to a successful interior design is....

A thorough and detailed analysis of the client's needs and confrontation of this information with the experience of the architect and solutions offered by the constantly evolving market.

3 I look for inspiration...

In people and the world around me.

4. In cooperation with the investor the most important thing is....

Communication! And on top of that, attentiveness, expert knowledge and sensitivity to the client's needs. These elements make up a comfortable cooperation for both parties.

5 My favorite design style is...

Eclecticism, which freely combines several styles, and as a result allows you to create truly unique interiors. I am captivated by its original character and the ability to combine "new" with "old". It allows us to create each arrangement anew whenever we feel like it.

6. the most valuable item in my home is....

Definitely the Asteria Floor lamp in dark green from the Danish brand Umage, which is proudly displayed in the living room reading nook. I love its timeless design, which makes it easy to fit it into any interior.

7 The most common mistake in self-decorating interiors is.

Incompetent planning of installations (needed outlets and switches for lighting) and appliances, due to lack of expertise and layout of functions. Added to this are ergonomic and storage issues. An experienced interior designer can analyze the client's needs and implement the design, taking into account the distance between appliances, the lighting plan, the amount of space needed for storage or work space.

8 My favorite material is.

If I had to choose one, I would bet on wood. All natural materials are close to me - both at work and in my own interiors.

9. trend that I would like to see pass away already is....

I would most like to get rid of gloss and plastic in glamour style.

10... I would like to live in... one day.

One of the exotic corners, where summer lasts all year round and mangos and avocados grow at your fingertips. Such an image would beautifully complement the stylish interiors of an apartment in a boho climate overlooking the jungle.

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