5 ways to organize your interior in Mid-Century Modern style!

13 of June '22

How to arrange an interior in the Mid-Century Modern style? What exactly is this style and why does it increasingly attract our attention? We present 5 things that are necessary when creating this interior.

The Mid-Century Modern style in its aesthetics is primarily intended to refer to the 1950s and 1960s - the eponymous mid-century. Mid-Century Modern was primarily intended to combine classical elegance with modernity, setting the stage for development after World War II. At the same time, it is difficult not to forget the need for simplicity.

We present five points that need to be met when organizing an interior in the Mid-Century Modern style.

1. bet on openness and glazing

Mid-Century Modern interiors are primarily about creating a sense of spaciousness. Interior rooms need to be more multifunctional - in this way we can get rid of unnecessary walls and bet on openness. If you want to pursue the Mid-Century Modern style, bet on large rooms. In addition, it's hard not to mention glazing. Large windows allow us to increase the amount of light in the interior space. Glazing allows you to optically enlarge the interiors.

Otwarte Przeszklenia

Open glazing is an important element of Mid-Century Modern style.

© Magdalena Gajda Interior Architecture

2. lamps as inspiration

Nothing builds an impression as well as the right lamp - in the case of Mid-Century Modern style, choosing the right lamp is important. We can choose a unique lamp - large or small or simple or very complex in form. The lamp can determine the character of the interior, no matter what we decide on.

Interesujące lampy

It is worth betting on lamps that will stand out

© Ring Studio

3. soft tones

What color scheme is good for Mid-Century Modern? First of all, bet on delicate earth and wood colors. In this way, we allow the space to be gently calmed and extinguished, while giving it a peaceful feel. We can also add other colors that will gently contrast?

Stonowana kolorystka

A muted color scheme is an important element

photo by Tom Kurek, © Raca Architects

4. geometric shapes and furniture

For this type of arrangement, it is worth betting primarily on geometric furniture and simple shapes. Arrangements should bet on simple geometry and shapes. Geometry, combined with the right tone and glazing will give us an interesting style effect.


Accessories should be geometric and simple

photo by Kamil Paszek, © AMJ studio

5. limited forms

Less is more - as prominent architect Ludwig Mies van der Rohe said. In the case of Mid-Century Modern style, unlike in the case of styles like Boho or Memphis, it is worth betting on simplicity closer to Scandinavian minimalism. This saves space, money and also a lot of nerves when designing.

styl Mid-Century Modern

let's limit the accessories

© Pinterest

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developed by Wiktor Bochenek

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