Anthracite and gold in kitchen design

06 of December '23

Previously, we have already presented the living area and one of the bedrooms of the interior in modern classic style with art déco accents. Today we take a look at the kitchen arrangement by architects from the Mango Investments studio.

Together, yet separate

The investor wanted the living area to intermingle with the kitchen. However, she was concerned about the smells that would fill the living room. So architects Karolina Drogoszcz, Katarzyna Abramowicz and Katarzyna Kukułka decided to separate the kitchen from the living area with sliding doors.

Ściany pokrywa gres o wzorze marmuru Antracytowa zabudowa została uzupełniona złotymi uchwytami

The anthracite cabinetry was complemented with gold handles

Photo: Yassen Hristov

Interior gem

Thanks to the glazing, both zones remain well lit, and the owner, while cooking, can see what is happening in the living room. The doors are the handiwork of friendly craftsmen - a glazier and a locksmith. They were created to order according to the architects' design. They came out really impressive. There are art déco motifs on the background of the glass, which nicely fit into the modern classic style.

Drzwi przesuwne powstały na zamówienie według projektu architektek Okap w kształcie ryflowanej tuby jest dodatkową ozdobą pomieszczenia

The sliding doors were created to order according to the architects' design

Photo: Yassen Hristov

Noble ornamentation

We can also see similar ornamentation on the hanging display cabinets. The kitchen does not have typical upper cabinets. In their place, above the lower development line, there is a large window. This allows plenty of light to flow into the interior. You can also admire the greenery while doing household chores. The lower kitchen furniture has anthracite-colored wooden fronts and light sintered countertops. The wall is decorated with stoneware that imitates marble. On its background hangs a gold hood in the shape of a fluted tube. It was matched with faucets and handles in the same color. Sublime materials and colors add finesse and an elegant flair to the kitchen.

Miejsce górnych szafek zajmuje duże okno

The place of the upper cabinets is taken by a large window

Photo: Yassen Hristov

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