Living area in modern classic style with art déco details

25 of October '23
w skrócie
  1. The project was created by Karolina Drogoszcz, Katarzyna Abramowicz and Katarzyna Kukułka of Mango Investments.
  2. The interior was decorated in modern classic style with art déco elements.
  3. The area for relaxation was arranged just below the mezzanine.
  4. There is also a TV corner in the living room.
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The owners wanted the interiors to be elegant, full of light and timeless. Karolina Drogoszcz, Katarzyna Abramowicz and Katarzyna Kukułka of Mango Investments proposed a modern classic style with elements of art déco.

Thorough transformation

The architects had a difficult task ahead of them. The house was cramped, poorly laid out and dark. It was difficult to create things that the owners wanted, such as a dressing room and a bathroom next to the bedroom. The kitchen was also very small. The investors agreed to reorganize the space. An upstairs was added. Now it serves the teenage daughter, but in the future the hosts plan to use it for an art exhibition.

The living room area was also expanded to include a kitchenette, which took the place of the built-in terrace. The designers also changed the layout of the bedroom, adding a dressing room and a private bathroom. The space gained functionality as well as light, which comes in through new windows that are much larger than the previous ones.

Część salonowa została też poszerzona o aneks kuchenny

The living room area was also expanded to include a kitchenette

Photo: Yassen Hristov

Relaxation with a view

Just below the mezzanine, a relaxation area has been arranged. It is worth noting the large, stretching from floor to ceiling windows. Thanks to such glazing, a lot of light comes in here and you can relax while observing the beautiful view. So the architects decided to place here a comfortable corner sofa and coffee tables. The owner's sofa was already chosen during the pandemic. Precious upholstery of gently shining fabric beautifully shimmers in the sun. To the neutral gray of the furniture architects added pillows, in muted, but at the same time contrasting shades. It enlivens the arrangement. As do the large plants in pots, which create a kind of orangery.

Widok na salon z antresoli W strefie relaksu znajdują się dwa stoliki kawowe

In the relaxation area there are two coffee tables

Photo: Yassen Hristov

The relaxation zone is combined with a TV corner, which contains a large screen. The TV was placed against a background of dark sintering that imitates precious stone. It nicely blends with the oak parquet flooring laid in a French herringbone pattern. The classic stave gives the interior the Parisian chic look the owner dreamed of. Closer to the kitchen, the dining room was arranged with a round table and soft upholstered chairs.

Komfortowy narożnik znajduje się obok dużych okien Bliżej kuchni zaaranżowana została jadalnia

A comfortable corner sofa is located next to large windows

Photo: Yassen Hristov

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