Apartment combining modern and vintage style

23 of January '23

The project by Karolina Pogorzelska of the Mashroom studio introduced considerable changes to the interior layout proposed by the developer.

Eclectic interior

The apartment is located on the top floor of an apartment building located in Warsaw's
Raków and is as high as 2.85 meters. The investor wanted the apartment to combine modern style with a touch of vintage. In addition to new furniture and those made to measure, the apartment therefore included a place for old-school chairs and a Czechoslovakian lamp from the 1950s. The project involved changing the interior layout proposed by the developer. Originally, the apartment consisted of two rooms and a small living room connected to the kitchen. After demolishing the walls, the space not only gained breath, but also managed to separate a convenient utility room, which is also a mini laundry room.

Kuchnia pasuje kolorystycznie do reszty mieszkania Dekoracyjne oświetlenie

The kitchen matches the rest of the apartment in color

© Mashroom

Living area

The most important part of the apartment is a cozy living room with a sofa set in the central
point, which conventionally divides the room into a relaxation zone and a dining area. Above the oak table hangs a lamp on long ropes inspired by rope jumpers who perform acrobatics. The TV wall is covered with wood cladding covered with blue stain. The architect wanted the wood grain to be visible depending on the light, while avoiding the overly "rustic" effect that natural wood sometimes gives in interiors. The kitchen fronts were made of furniture board. They are perfectly matte, but fingers do not reflect on them. This is a very practical solution, especially with tip-on opening cabinets.

Zabudowa w strefie dziennej została pomalowana na niebiesko

The cabinetry in the living area was painted blue

© Mashroom


A step away from the living area is the atmospheric bedroom. Its interior attracts attention with a distinctive wallpaper. The perfect complement to the color palette are honey-colored curtains. The room was too small for the investor to comfortably use the closet and bed. For this reason, the architect suggested a built-in along the line of the headboard, which perfectly replaces the usual closet. The built-in on both sides has convenient recesses, into which one can put a book. A wall lamp is placed above the headrest. Its adjustable head is used for reading, in addition, the fixture has a USB port and built-in soft backlighting.

Uzupełnieniem palety kolorystycznej sypialni są miodowe zasłony

Complementing the bedroom's color palette are honey-colored curtains

© Mashroom


The bathroom is the most minimalist room in the entire apartment. Thereis stonewareon the walls and floor. The sink cabinet was custom-made. On the surface it is simple, but it is decorated with delicate milling. The designer was keen to make sure that every element, even the most minimalist, had some distinctive feature.

 Łazienka utrzymana jest w minimalistycznym stylu Na ścianach i podłodze łazienki znajduje się gres

The bathroom is kept in a minimalist style

© Maszroom

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