Bedroom and bathroom that break the stereotype of boring white

Katarzyna Szostak
16 of March '23

We have previously presented the living area with a unique guitar-inspired staircase designed by Deer Design studio. Now we take a look at the rooms on the first floor of a Warsaw apartment.

Functional changes

The owner of the presented interiors expected a space strictly tailored to his needs and preferences. So before the finishing work began, it was necessary to make adjustments to the originally planned functional layout. This and all other stages of activities were handled by architect Agnieszka Świderek.

- The lower level was to turn into a representative living area, while on the upper level the owner wanted a private, quiet and, above all, functional private area. So on the lower level I planned a hallway, a living room with a kitchenette, a guest room and an elegant bathroom with a shower, and above that two bedrooms, including one with a separate dressing room, as well as a bathroom with a bathtub and a shower - descirbes the architect.

On the first floor, all the rooms have been re-partitioned. The change in layout was necessary here, as the developer's design envisaged only a bathroom downstairs. Meanwhile, the investor was keen for the private zone to provide a high level of convenience in daily life. It was also to be beautiful. Therefore, he consistently, but creatively develops design directions familiar to us from the living area.

Bedroom with a view

The master bedroom is distinguished by a corner window with a beautiful view. However, when more privacy is needed here, electrically controlled curtains provide it. They were created from a fleshy fabric that gives a unique feeling of coziness and warmth. This effect is also emphasized by other carefully selected textiles and decorative accessories.

W sypialni znajdują się elektrycznie sterowane zasłony

The bedroom features electrically operated curtains

Photo: Zagórny Studio

Delicate bathroom

From the bedroom we move to a dressing room with spacious built-in closets and a dressing table. Importantly, natural light flows into this room through the window. Just a step away is the already mentioned second bathroom. It has many references to the one on the first floor, although in a lighter, more delicate form of color.

Łazienka na piętrze

Bathroom on the first floor

Photo: Zagórny Studio

Consistency of materials

Both in the upper level bathroom and in other parts of the apartment, an important regularity can be easily noticed. The dominant white is neither boring nor cold. This is because architect has reached for its many shades and has enriched it with varied, expressive textures.

- This is important, because when arranging an interior, especially carried out independently, sometimes attention is paid mainly to the foreground and accessories, and the background is forgotten. Meanwhile, it is the background - in our case, white walls and a wooden floor - that is decisive. It allows the whole interior to "play" as we planned - stresses Agnieszka Świderek.

The materials and colors used in the presented realization have a timeless character, although at the same time they perfectly fit in with current trends. So the apartment will undoubtedly withstand the test of time.

Biel i drewno są podstawą tej aranżacji

White and wood are the basis of this arrangement

Photo: Zagórny Studio

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