4 ways to use the Slot board

21 of January '22

Multifunctional and beautiful wall.

Keys to the apartment covered with newspapers, numerous textbooks piled up on the child's desk, handbags in the nooks and crannies of the living room - small items in our apartments and homes often do not have their own place. As a result, we look for them in a hurry just before leaving for work or while doing household chores. But what if we can hang a board on our wall, which will make it easier to keep things in order, as well as complement the character of the space?

 Marka VOX stworzyła tablicę
Slot wykonaną z wytrzymałej płyty MDF i wykończoną naturalnym, jasnym formirem brzozowym.

The VOX brand has created the Slot board made of durable MDF and finished in natural, light birch molding.

© Vox

This is what distinguishes the Slot board by VOX, which is a multifunctional decorative panel. It will provide us with the ability to hang valuable things in containers or on pegs, and its delicate wooden shade will become part of the design of any room. The VOX brand cares about creating products tailored to our lives, which is why it focuses on combining aesthetics with functionality in its products. Natalia Polakowska, designer of the Slot board, talks about her inspirations:

Thedesign of the Slot board refers to the view of a starry sky. The arrangement of the holes is an apparent chaos, which provides an opportunity to organize one's space, regardless of its nature.

The Slot board is made of durable MDF and finished with natural light birch molding. As a result, it can serve us for years without losing its unique appearance. Its assembly is extremely easy and will take just a few minutes. Let's explore ways to use the Slot board to bring aesthetics and harmony to the forefront.

1. we put our rooms in order

Regardless of the month and the season, a child's or student's study involves a fair number of items in the room. Colorful pens, sheets of paper with important notes, lesson plans and lectures - most often all these items end up on the desk. However, it is worth placing them in containers mounted on a board on the wall. The space will become orderly, making it easier to focus on studying.
White containers perfectly match the wooden shade of the blackboard, creating a cohesive whole. On the shelves we can place the most necessary accessories, and on the pegs we can hang photo frames in intense or subtle shades, which will emphasize the aesthetic appearance of the board. Such good organization is conducive to learning and allows us to control chaos.

2. let's put decoration in the foreground

A disappearing salt shaker, a dishcloth changing places, plants being rearranged from corner to corner - we encounter such situations every day in our kitchens. A blackboard hung on the wall will bring the chaos under control, in addition to introducing a touch of freshness. To the Slot board it is worth attaching shelves in the shade of birch wood with a distinctive grain pattern, and on them set green plants. It is also worth hanging cups, a cutting board or favorite herbs on the pegs. The board will become a beautiful addition to the interior: we will organize small items with it, and at the same time elegantly display decorations.

Do tablicy Slot warto
przymocować półki w odcieniu drewna brzozowego.

It is worth attaching shelves in a shade of birch wood to the Slot board.

© Vox

3. make use of the various functions of the board

Storing belts, scarves or handbags often causes us difficulties. In the Slot board - thanks to specially prepared holes - you can install stable pegs, on which we can easily hang ubiquitous items. This way will be great especially in our bedroom, where after getting out of bed we will find the thing we need. In addition, the blackboard in a wooden shade will give our interior a cozy character. In the hallway, the blackboard will also harmoniously harmonize with the color of the walls or furniture. It is there that we will hang our keys and put notepads: it is only up to us whether the individual elements will expressively emphasize the board, or will be a delicate accent.

Tablica w drewnianym
odcieniu nada naszemu wnętrzu przytulny charakter.

A blackboard in a wooden shade will give our interior a cozy character.

© Vox

4 - In a home office, let's combine several whiteboards

When working at home, we need to have a lot of items at hand: calendars, headphones, phone chargers, which we constantly rearrange to another place, and then look for them for a long time. However, you can mount some Slot boards on the wall to make our daily chores easier. In a large felt pocket we will fit important documents even in A4 size, and pegs will be useful for hanging cables. On the shelves we will put our favorite plant to make our work more pleasant. This will save space on the desk, where we can freely open our laptop.
The VOX brand has also prepared three ready-made sets, which differ from each other in the elements used: in the first one we will find the Slot board with pins, in the second one we will find additional shelves, and in the third one we will also find felt pockets. If we prefer to add items according to our tastes, just choose the elements separately.

Na ścianie możemy zamontować
kilka tablic, które ułatwią nam codzienne obowiązki.

We can mount several whiteboards on the wall to make our daily chores easier.

© Vox

A wall board will not only bring order to any room, but also complement its character. In the Slot model we do not mount the elements permanently: we can freely change their place according to our needs. All this to make it easier for us to do our chores, as well as to use the board as a visible or small decoration in our space. Small items will finally find their place, making daily activities easier. If we are anxious to see the Slot board before we buy it, let's go to the VOX showroom, where advisors will help us choose one to match our interior.

For more information, visit the company 'sVOX page on thePdD portal.

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