A combination of Pop-Art and Loft? It's possible!

01 of August '22

Is it possible to combine Pop Art and loft style? Absolutely! This is perfectly demonstrated by the realization of Magdalena Daszkiewicz from PRZESTRZENIE studio.

An important element of the whole is the location in an old tenement, allowing the interior to adapt to the loft style. Arrangements began with a change in the spatial layout of the apartment, which used to be two separate units.


photo by Mikolaj Dabrowski, © PRZESRZENIE

living room

The living area consists of a living room, dining room and kitchen. In the living room, a simple walnut-colored parquet floor was decided upon. The heart of the interior is a navy blue corner sofa, next to which an interesting gray armchair on one foot was decided. However, the most interesting thing in this interior remains an openwork bookcase full of books, greenery and unique accessories.


Living room

Photo: Mikolaj Dabrowski, © PRZESRZENIE

dining room

The dining room is a simple space that shares a parquet floor with the living room. Here you will find a simple wooden table with metal chairs with rattan accessories. Above the table hangs a unique lamp, consisting of several elements.

Dining room

photo by Mikolaj Dabrowski, © SPACES


The kitchen has been solved in an interesting way. On the floor you will find geometric patterns. The fronts are kept in minimalist light blue. Lighting as well as fixtures are matte black. On part of the walls we can find vertical glazed ceramic tiles.


photo by Mikolaj Dabrowski, © PRZESRZENIE


The private zone was kept in minimalist tones. The bed has been gently "tucked" into the built-in furniture. This part is mainly distinguished by the intense color of navy blue against the background of delicate grays. This part is much more peaceful.



Photo by Mikolaj Dabrowski, © PRZESRZENIE

developed by Wiktor Bochenek

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