Contrasting marble combinations in a bathroom

18 of September '23
w skrócie
  1. The project was created by Barbara Godawska of iHome Studio.
  2. PRW Design is responsible for its implementation.
  3. The dominant color in the bathroom is cream.
  4. The wall with the sinks and the floor were covered with dark tiles.
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We have already previously looked at the living area, the children's rooms, the bedroom and the guest bathroom designed by Barbara Godawska of iHome Studio. Today we conclude our visit to the apartment in Żoliborz Artystyczny, presenting the arrangement of the second bathroom. PRW Design is responsible for its implementation.

Mild colors

The dominant cream color in this arrangement gives the interior a cozy and gentle feel. This makes it ideal for a place intended, among other things, to relax after a long day. The classic nature of the design is emphasized by the white ceiling with ornaments. When we look below, on the other hand, we find a more modern version of elegance.

Zaokrąglone formy pojawiają się w formie luster oraz szafki

Rounded forms appear, among others, in the form of mirrors and cabinets

Photo: Ola and Michał Przeździk-Buczkowscy/ Budzik Studio

Unusual forms

The leitmotif of this interior is roundness. It can be found in the form of two white washbasins and a bathtub. The big mirrors are also rounded. In addition, they optically enlarge the space. A golden semicircle is a form of an original lamp. The most interesting element, however, is the cabinet. Its rounded sides have been finished with fluting. The furniture was hung on the wall, which makes it combine a lot of space for storing all the necessary things with not overwhelming the small space.

Kremowe płytki na ścianie i ciemna podłoga tworzą ciekawy kontrast

Cream tiles on the wall and dark floor create an interesting contrast

Photo: Ola and Michał Przeździk-Buczkowscy/ Budzik Studio

An intriguing contrast

The wall behind the sinks and the floor were tiled with a black marble pattern. This is a striking solution that gives the interior a touch of glamour. The black marble contrasts with the cream elements. The bathroom faucets are another element that distinguishes this bathroom. Their ornate finish is a detail that attracts attention and adds charm to the interior.

Ściana prysznica została wyłożona trójwymiarowymi płytkami W ścianie zostały stworzone półki na kosmetyki

The shower wall was lined with three-dimensional tiles

Photo: Ola and Michał Przeździk-Buczkowscy/ Budzik Studio

Depth effect

The open shower is a place for relaxation and unwinding. One of the walls of the shower area is lined with three-dimensional tiles in the cream color that dominates here. These tiles add depth to the interior and create an interesting visual effect. The copper-colored shower mixer fits perfectly with the other fixtures and emphasizes the consistency of the design.

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