Cozy barn-type house

22 of August '22

The house is located in Księżpol, Lublin province. Architect Anna Zygmunt is responsible for the project. The owners wanted to create a warm and cozy space.

Dom został zaprojektowany w stylu nowoczesnej stodoły

The house was designed in the style of a modern barn

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Modern barn house, or barn type house, is currently one of the most popular trends in residential construction. A modern bar n house is a one-story or two-story building. It can also be equipped with an attic. It is characterized by a simple body on a rectangular plan and a gabled roof. This form allows to reduce the cost of construction. A barn-type house is associated with spacious interiors, including a striking, high living room. It is no different here. The open space includes a living room, connected to the kitchen and dining room.

Całość utrzymana jest w kolorach ziemi w połączeniu z bielą i złotem

The whole is kept in earthy colors combined with white and gold

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The whole room is kept in a consistent natural color scheme. Earth colors and white are complemented by ornate gold elements, which add a pinch of glamour. Two materials used here come to the fore. The first is wood, which appears in every corner of the house. This makes the arrangement cozy, but at the same time maintains a modern and elegant look. Another is the veneer used for the wall coverings. It adds flavor to the entire interior.

We wnętrzu przykuwają uwagę oryginalne lampy W korytarzu znajduje się duże, okrągłe lustro z efektownym podświetleniem

In the corridor there is a large round mirror with a striking backlighting

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The modernist barn has characteristic large glazing. That's why the architect decided to return the large modular rest not only to the wall with the TV, but also to the glass windows. This allows residents to relax while catching eye contact with nature. All zones in the interior are united by the use of striking lamps of different but consistent forms. Each of them has round and gold elements in them.

Modułowy wypoczynek jest skierowany zarówno na telewizor jak i na zieleń znajdującą się za oknem Strefa wypoczynkowa

Rest zone

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The dining room impresses with the combination of dark wood and the light sand color of the upholstery used on the chairs. The furniture is distinguished by its elegance and light form. Above the table, you will find an eye-catching, modern chandelier. The kitchen is kept in a minimalist, yet striking style. A light marble countertop, is combined here with chocolate brown, and its extension, along with bar stools, connects the dining area. The cohesive, uniform design is complemented by stylish accessories, black appliances and a gold faucet.

Kuchnia Jadalnia

Kitchen and dining room

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Development: Katarzyna Szostak

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