ECLIPSE PROJECT, a house project in which shadow plays a major role

Katarzyna Szostak
02 of February '23

How we see and perceive the block of ECLIPSE PROJECT is heavily influenced by shadow. The forest surroundings of this house cause it to create patterns on the facade and create optical illusions.

Projekt domu autorstwa Marcina Tomaszewskiego

 House designed by Marcin Tomaszewski

© REFORM Architect

Inspired by the surroundings

Marcin Tomaszewski of REFORM Architekt  likes his designs to be "in motion." This dynamism means that the massing never gets boring. When designing ECLIPSE PROJECT, Tomaszewski focused on the environment surrounding the house. 

- We use what we have, we adapt to what conditions nature has created for us. In a word, even though the area is heavily wooded - we don't cut anything down. The unconventionality of form, the ethereality of half shadows or the intricacy of twilight inspired me to create ECLIPSE PROJECT. This house is a unique combination of forms and textures, shapes and outlines, everyday shrouded in shadow, says the architect.

Z tyłu znajdują się duże przeszklenia

At the back of the house there are large glazings

© REFORM Architect

Playing with shadow

- The effect is conquered by the facade of the house - it may seem that the panels are multicolored, but I used the play of light. I took advantage of the possibilities offered by the material. We cut it into triangles, which were arranged differently. The 3D effect reflects a dynamic play of light and shadow. This is exactly the perception I wanted, Tomaszewski describes.

The house is 291m². With this design the architect returns to his first concepts with a gabled roof. At the same time, from the front nothing but the entrance is visible. Only when you get to the back of the house you can see the living area downstairs, and upstairs the one for children and the owners' office. Glazing throughout the house, makes it possible to observe the forest surroundings. The terrain is also worth mentioning - the plot itself has a slope of more than 2 meters. And the visible faults are the result of being away from the forest wall.

W domu znajduje się taras

The house has a terrace

© REFORM Architect

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