Eucalyptus-colored living area

30 of August '23
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  1. The design was created by Danuta Bernat of KREA STUDIO.
  2. The color of the kitchen is inspired by a sofa brought from the investors' previous apartment.
  3. The cabinetry was equipped with systems for easy storage.
  4. All the furniture was created according to the architect's design.
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The starting point for the arrangement was a velour sofa in a blue-green shade, brought from a previous investor's apartment.

Otwarta strefa dzienna składa się z kuchni, jadalni i salonu

The open-plan living area consists of a kitchen, dining room and living room

Photo by Dagmara Maroszek-Bździuch/MUFKA FOTOGRAFIA © PEKA

Gentle transition

Half of a semi-detached house in a Poznań housingestate is where a married couple with two children live. The investors wanted their dream interior to be bright, spacious and minimalist, but cozy at the same time. They asked interior designer Danuta Bernat, owner of KREA STUDIO, for help. The architect took care of the functional and aesthetic sphere of the living space.

- When the living room, dining area and kitchen are a whole, the architect's task is to combine this in such a way that colors and textures work together. Hence the idea that the kitchen should relate to the living room, or more precisely its color accent, the sofa - says the designer.

Eukaliptusowa sofa była inspiracją dla reszty wnętrza Część jadalniana znajduje się pomiędzy kuchnią a salonem

The eucalyptus sofa was the inspiration for the rest of the interior

Photo by Dagmara Maroszek-Bździuch/MUFKA FOTOGRAFIA © PEKA

In the colors of eucalyptus

The kitchenette was to have a distinct, but not overwhelming color. This is because the color was to combine the green beloved by investors with the graphite of the built ins. This is how the eucalyptus kitchen was created. In the strip under the window, the designer created a long row of kitchen cabinets to accommodate all the necessary accessories and food supplies. To make full use of the capacity of the lower development, special systems were used in the cabinets to facilitate organization. This helped to accommodate everything without having to install wall cabinets. Such a solution made blending the kitchen into the living room possible, perfectly connecting the two.

Eukaliptusowe fronty pięknie łączą się z grafitem zabudowy

Eucalyptus fronts combine beautifully with the graphite of the development

Photo by Dagmara Maroszek-Bździuch/MUFKA FOTOGRAFIA © PEKA

Ergonomic and stylish

- Each kitchen is a different story, we struggle with the square footage, the existing connections, the possibilities for changes, the established budget, verification of the ideas we collected as inspiration. However, the most important task when designing a kitchen open to the living room is to harmonize function with aesthetics - says the designer.

One of the most difficult and longest-discussed aspects of kitchen organization was the design and arrangement of cabinets. Preserving the ergonomic sequence and the owners' habits had to be reconciled with the new design and size of the kitchen. Here practical corner and cargo systems came to the rescue. With pull-out shelves located in the corner, everything is within easy reach. On the other hand, the streamlined shape of the shelves allows for optimal placement of round and oval dishes such as pots and pans on their surface. A cargo compartment has been placed right next to the cooktop. It created an ideal place for storing such products as spices, oils, etc.

Szafki zostały wyposażone w systemy ułatwiające przechowywanie Dzięki wysuwanym półkom naczynia są w zasięgu ręki

The cabinets have been equipped with systems for easy storage

Photo by Dagmara Maroszek-Bździuch/MUFKA FOTOGRAFIA © PEKA

Storage under control

The buckle connecting the living room and kitchen areas is a wooden floor laid in a French herringbone pattern. Its light color harmonizes with the round dining table and chairs. The conventional boundary of the living room, meanwhile, is a comfortable sofa and armchair. A white built-in cabinet extends under the TV set. Behind the gray wall panel, the designer hid the necessary wiring. The furniture, both in the kitchen and in the living room, was created according to Danuta Bernat's design. This makes it easier to maintain order in the apartment, as all small items have their place in capacious cabinets.

Pod telewizorem znajduje się duża biała zabudowa

Under the TV there is a large white cabinet

Photo by Dagmara Maroszek-Bździuch/MUFKA FOTOGRAFIA © PEKA

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