How to properly light a bedroom?

Katarzyna Szostak
27 of January '23

The bedroom is the room where we regenerate our strength. Therefore, it should be cozy and soothing. Not without importance in creating a relaxing atmosphere is the right lighting.

Klimatyczne oświetlenie tworzy relaksujący nastrój

Climatic lighting creates a relaxing mood


Calming atmosphere

A good night's sleep is responsible not only for a properly selected mattress or a large bed. Our comfort is influenced, also by the light, which creates the right atmosphere. So how to properly design lighting? Here with help comes the idea of light thinking, that is, the awareness of how with a beam of light you can influence the environment. Depending on the type of lighting, the color and intensity of the light, the same interior will promote relaxation or stimulate. Light also affects how we perceive colors. Depending on it, the same wall will appear cobalt, graphite or bottle green.

Światło potrafi zmienić nasz nastrój

Light can change our mood


With light to the pillow

Bedside lighting is quite difficult to arrange. When choosing the right lamps to put by the bed, you need to answer a few questions. How often do we read before bed? Are the lamps intended to serve a decorative purpose? Are they to function only as additional lighting used before going to bed? Choose a wall lamp with adjustable height and a retractable light source. This will ensure that you have the right amount of light that does not dazzle and illuminates only a specific point. Above all, the light in the bedroom should be warm, soft and nicely diffused. Preferably between 2700 - 3000 K.

Wybór lampy stojącej koło łóżka jest wymagający

Choosing a standing lamp near the bed is demanding

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Light sources

In the bedroom, general light often turns out to be too strong. Due to the fact that it shines centrally, it makes it difficult to calm down. It is better to use several levels of lighting. This will ensure that each zone is adequately illuminated, and the entire interior will be presented in its full glory. Another important factor is the placement of the fixtures themselves. It will make it easier for us to create the climate in the bedroom and adjust the lighting and mood to current needs.

Kilka źródeł światłą sprawdzi się lepiej w sypialni

Several sources of light will work better in the bedroom

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