How to choose furniture hinges?

Katarzyna Szostak
30 of January '23

Hinges  determine whether cabinets, cupboards and dressers open and close quietly and smoothly. We look at what types of furniture hinges are most commonly used today, and which should be used in specific cases. 

Types of furniture hinges

Furniture hinges are only seemingly similar to each other. In fact, the different models and solutions are very different from each other. And it is from the nuances of their design, the type of guide or the size of the box, that depends: where and when a particular hinge should be installed. What variants we have to choose from and for which furniture they are intended.In general, furniture hinges are divided into several types: overlay, twin, recessed, angle, parallel and wide-angle .

Overlay hinges are the most common type. They are used in furniture where the cabinet door is located on the outside of the cabinet. Then, looking at the cabinet from the front, we see only the front and the narrow space around it. This space is necessary for the proper opening and closing of the door.

Less frequently used, although very practical, are twin hinges. These models are used when adjacent leaves share a single cabinet. In such cabinets, two doors are located on the outside of the cabinet, but rest against a common center partition.

Zawias w szafce

Hinge in the cabinet


Recessed hinges are another, less commonly used, but increasingly popular solution. They are used in furniture in which the fronts are located inside the cabinet, that is, between the sides of the furniture. In this case, looking at the cabinet, we see the entire cabinet partition and the entire front, which form a uniform plane.

Angle and parallel hinges are installed in corner cabinets. The former are designed for cabinets with receding fronts. In general, they have a square shape with one corner beveled, and the door is arranged at a certain angle to the cabinet. In this case, depending on the design, 30° and 45° hinges are generally used.

In turn, in rectangular cabinets, parallel hinges are used. In these pieces of furniture, when closed, the front is arranged parallel to the masking plate. This solution is most often used in kitchen furniture, where the use of a blank allows you to separate the cabinets from other furniture or the wall, so that the fronts can open freely.

The last type of hinge, which is relatively rarely used, but in many built-ins absolutely necessary, are models with a wide opening angle. They are designed for corner doors, but not only. The design of the hinge allows the front to be opened by as much as 165°, which allows easier access to the interior of the furniture and the products stored in it. In addition, the open front is outside the light of the cabinet, which allows us to get out internal drawers or wardrobe baskets freely.

Montowanie zawiasu

Installing the hinge


What to pay attention to when choosing hinges?

The place of use, however, is only one of the elements to consider when choosing a type of hinges. Also important: their quality, method of installation, possibility and type of adjustment (generally in three planes), as well as additional functional features. Thanks to click-on technology, the hinge arm simply fastens, without tightening. You can also find models with easier 3-way adjustment, higher functionality and durability. You can also choose hinges equipped with a silent closing function, thanks to which the fronts close softly and discreetly.

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