Imperfections as decoration. Industrial bathroom

28 of August '23

Previously, we have already presented the bedroom, living area and one of the bathrooms of the Architaste studio project. Today we conclude our visit to the house in Wola Justowska by looking into the second bathroom.

Characterful arrangement

Entering this austere and modern bathroom, our attention is immediately drawn to the characteristic deep color scheme. Dark gray walls form a background of cool shade, which adds a unique character to the interior. The entire space exudes austerity and elegance at the same time. The arrangement is minimalist and functional. The focal point of the bathroom is a spacious open shower, which is not hidden behind a traditional cubicle. Instead, a simple glass panel separates the shower area from the rest of the room, making the whole seem larger and more spacious. Directly under the shower architect placed shelves made of metal mesh, emphasizing the industrial aesthetic. This is an ideal place to store cosmetics or bath accessories. In this way, functionality was added to the space without sacrificing distinctive style.

Prysznic typu walk-in sprawia, że pomieszczenie wydaje się większe

A walk-in shower makes the room appear larger

© Architaste

A bright touch

The light gray floor contrasts with the darker walls, so that the rather small bathroom is not overwhelmed by the strong color scheme. A large mirror, placed along the entire length of the wall above the sink, not only reflects light, but also adds optical spaciousness, breaking up the austerity of the space. The black built-in furniture not only blends perfectly with the whole arrangement, but also creates a capacious place to store all the cleaning products needed in the bathroom and other items that should be out of sight.

Duże lustro optycznie powiększa przstrzeń

A large mirror optically enlarges the space

© Architaste

Contrasting accents

Visible copper pipes running along the walls add a distinctive industrial touch to the interior. Their warm hue breaks the austerity of the monochromatic color and introduces a touch of elegance. This is a great example of how in industrial interiors some shortcomings and what should traditionally be hidden, becomes an advantage and decoration. To add a touch of naturalness and freshness, there is a green plant on the small shelf. This is a subtle touch of nature that softens the severity of the industrial style and creates an interesting contrast.

Miedziane rury stały się ozdobą wnętrza Półki z metalowej siatki dodają industrialnego charakteru

Copper pipes have become an ornament of the interior

© Architaste

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