An interior full of joy. Apartment with unique children's rooms, cinema room and play area

Katarzyna Szostak
06 of December '22

The apartment in Warsaw's Bielany district belongs to a pair of investors with two children and... more in the plans. It was not easy to find a sufficiently large area in the developers' offer. So they decided to buy two adjacent apartments with access to the garden.

Relationship space

Combining the apartments into a coherent, harmonious and comfortable whole became a key, but not the only challenge in arranging this space. What else did the investors care about?

- We conducted many interviews about their lifestyles. It emerged from them that the house would be vibrant. Besides, the owners dreamed of interiors with a traditional character. However, they agreed with me when I suggested that classical elements should appear in the form of sparing stucco or furniture details, and the whole thing should get a modern touch. In the end, we managed to achieve an effect that both satisfies the investors and the design standards of my studio," recalls architect Jacek Tryc.

Pokój dziecięcy

Children's room

Photo Jacek Tryc

Children's rooms

The two twin children's rooms - each a double room - are decidedly unusual.

- Exactly the same materials, colors and forms appear here as in the whole apartment. There is no shortage of colors, as they are brought in by books, toys and posters - elements that are easy to change. There is also a childish character to the beds, table and chairs, which will one day have to be replaced with larger ones. On the other hand, the remaining elements were to be universal, durable and resistant to changes in the needs or expectations of young users, related to growing up, explains Jacek Tryc.

Pokój kinowy Gabinet w pokoju kinowym

Cinema room

Photo Jacek Tryc

Cinema room

The interiors created in the smaller of the two original apartments have a unique purpose. One of them combines the functions of a study, a guest room and a private cinema room with a projector and a drop-down screen. That's why, among other things, a sofa bed stood here, which, however, more often than for overnight guests, is used by household members sitting down to watch carefully selected films.

Pokój zabaw Drabinka


Photo: Jacek Tryc


From the cinema room one moves to the next room - the playroom. Its most important element is a structure combining elements of a slide, ladder, climbing net and "base" below. The whole thing is self-supporting, so in the future, without great expense, it will be possible to arrange here, for example, a home gym or an additional bedroom. With this in mind, as well as in the children's rooms, the same materials, colors and finishes appeared here as in the whole house. Spacious built-ins will also easily change their purpose, which today allows you to keep almost any number of toys in order.

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