Interior inspired by the element of earth

24 of April '23

We have previously presented the "Fire" and "Water" cottage from the Trzy Żywioły complex in Sasino. Today we look at the last of them, which was decorated, referring to the element of earth.

Sypialnia z tapetą z motywem roślinnym

Bedroom with wallpaper with a plant motif

Trzy Żywioły, photo by Piotr Czaja, design by Marta Czerkies

Scandinavian inspiration

The cottage is part of a larger complex. It is a complex of modern bungalows with minimalist architecture inspired by Scandinavian buildings. Each of them is 65 m2. On the first floor there is a living area. It consists of a living room combined with a dining room and an open kitchen, as well as a bathroom with a shower. Hidden under the stairs is a storage room, which contains, among other things, a washer-dryer. Upstairs, on the other hand, there are two bedrooms and a second, smaller bathroom. The whole area is designed for relaxation of a couple with two children or four adults. A fold-out sofa in the living room allows two more guests to stay.

Kompleks Trzy Żywioły

Trzy Żywioły Complex

Trzy Żywioły, photo by Piotr Czaja, design by Marta Czerkies

The power of nature

The"Earth" cottage captivates with a palette of broken whites, grays, beiges and delicate browns enlivened by delicate sage green. Shades of natural wood play a particularly important role here. They are present both in furniture and accessories, and in processed form as floor and wall tiles. The cheery on top is set by fresh motifs of lush vegetation. In the living room you will find them on a large scale while in the bedroom, in a more intimate form.

Kuchnia w odcieniu szałwi

Kitchen in a shade of sage

Trzy Żywioły, photo by Piotr Czaja, design by Marta Czerkies

- The furnishings of the cottages had to be of high quality, so that they could survive the stays of vacationers with their children and even pets in great shape. Hence arose, among other things, the decision to use stoneware on the floors. However, the parameters of special durability and easy maintenance also apply to the fabrics used- emphasizes Marta Czerkies.

Łazienka w drewnie

Bathroom in wood

Trzy Żywioły, photo by Piotr Czaja, design by Marta Czerkies

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