5 ways to organize your interior in Hygge White style

Katarzyna Szostak
29 of November '22

How to arrange an interior in the Hygge White style? What exactly is this style? We present 5 things that are necessary when creating such an interior.

Biel do podstawa tego stylu

White to the basis of this style

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Hygge White is a trend that charms with its combination of elegance and coziness. Creamy white, fleshy fabrics and subtle accessories are the perfect arrangement for chilly autumn evenings.

1. like a cashmere sweater

Hygge, the Danish term for coziness and comfort, is making a comeback in the autumn-winter season and bringing soft plaids, mugs of tea, and moody lamplight and candles into our homes. An interior in the Hygge White trend will not only be comfortable and warm, but also elegant like a white sweater made of soft yarn.

Postaw na przytulne materiały

Opt for cozy fabrics

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2 - Bright in bad weather

White is ideal for the colder time of year, as it reflects light, which is in short supply on cloudy days. Interiors filled with furniture and accessories in this color seem not only brighter, but also more spacious.

Jasne kolory optycznie powiększają przestrzeń

Bright colors optically enlarge the space

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3. white, warm, stylish

White is associated with elegance, minimalism and coolness, but it can also be very friendly. For interiors it is best to choose its warm shades, broken with a drop of yellow, such as cream, alabaster, écru. An armchair or sofa in such a color will not let you out of its embrace.

Sypialnia w stylu Hygge White

Hygge White style bedroom

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4. cozy materials

Hygge White style interior is filled with soft, pleasant fabrics, of course, in white shade. Remember to choose materials that are natural and friendly to both us and the environment. A combination of teddy and bouclé will work best.

Postaw na naturalne materiały

Opt for natural materials

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5. stylish accessories

A beautifully scented candle, a minimalist vase, or an original but subdued pillowcase. These accessories will give the interior a stylish touch at the same time, without disturbing the calm decor and cozy harmony.

Strukturalne poszewki ożywią aranżację

Structural pillowcases will enliven the arrangement

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