Interior with a unique table!

11 of July '22

How to create an interior maintained in delicate grays while not falling into monochromatism? The apartment in Warsaw's Wilanów district was designed by Monika Ledzion of Nom Studio.

The designer was approached by a client who wanted to refresh the interior and give it a new, individual character. The seventy-square-meter apartment features a living room connected to the kitchen, a small study and two bathrooms.

The heart of the house, or the living room

In the small space of the living room, it was decided to dominate gray with few exceptions. On the floor you will find a classic parquet floor, on which a black and white carpet full of varied ornaments was laid. On one of the walls you will find a RTV cabinet along with a TV set.

The heart of the interior is a coffee table on black legs with a wooden top, around which two sofas are concentrated: one in gray, the other in red. Next to it you will find an armchair evoking Scandinavian design.


Living room

Photo by Pietruszka Fotografia

dining room

The dining room is not separated from the living room by a wall or screen. It is a minimalist space, the heart of which is a long wooden table. Next to it you will find as many as three types of chairs in different colors. An interesting solution is a lamp composed of several discs.


Dining room

photo by Pietruszka Fotografia

simple kitchen

Thekitchen is a space that is primarily focused on simplicity. On the ground you will find gray and copper tiles. The kitchen cabinetry is simple white without milling. Above all, simplicity is the focus here.



Photo: Pietruszka Fotografia

study and bedroom

An interesting solution is the cabinet development including rattan accessories against the white background. Here we can find equally interesting accessories such as a globe, a monstera or wicker wrappers. The wallpaper with rainforest motifs with lemurs and toucans - without strong color accents - also attracts attention.



Photo by Pietruszka Fotografia

In the bedroom you'll find a simple wallpaper evoking art-deco motifs. The focus here is on simple accessories minimalist lamps, mirrors with gold wrapping or wooden coffee tables. This is first and foremost a space of rest.



Photo by Pietruszka Fotografia

developed by Wiktor Bochenek

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