Japandi style bathrooms

10 of August '23
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  1. Aleksandra Miodowska of the Decoroom studio is responsible for the project.
  2. The private bathroom is distinguished by the use of terrazzo patterned tiles.
  3. The guest bathroom features warm accents.
  4. A mini laundry room hides behind a built-in in the guest bathroom.
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We have previously presented the living area and bedroom of a japandi style apartment. Today we take a look at two bathrooms, a private and a guest bathroom, designed by Aleksandra Miodowska of Decoroom studio.

W mieszkaniu znajdują się dwie łazienki: prywatna i gościnna

The apartment has two bathrooms: a private and a guest bathroom

Photo: Marek Koptyński Photography Styling: Angelika Front @atmosferycznie

Private zone in earth tones

The arrangement of the private bathroom is distinguished by the use of large gray tiles with a terrazzo pattern. The architect decided to combine them with the woodgrain decor of the toilet area development. The bright arrangement was broken with black accents in the form of fixtures, lighting, mirrors and accessories, as well as door handles. Comfortable relaxation during bathing is provided by a minimalist bathtub. However, the eye-catching element is the cabinets under the washbasins. The dark chocolate-colored furniture definitely warms up the space and, in keeping with the japandi philosophy, is one distinctive point of the arrangement that is memorable.

Głównym elementem aranżacji są czekoladowe szafki pod umywalkę

The main element of the arrangement is the chocolate-colored cabinets under the washbasin

Photo: Marek Koptyński Photography Styling: Angelika Front @atmosferycznie

Warm accents and functionality

The second bathroom is accessible to both the household members and their guests. Here, too, the focus is on muted earthy colors. The base for the arrangement is again a shade of deep dark brown, which already appears in the bedroom. However, it does not overwhelm the rather small bathroom thanks to the use of light gray tiles with white grout. The black fixtures, meanwhile, form an elegant duo with the white ceramics. In this arrangement, instead of a bathtub, a walk-in shower was used, which takes up less space, but is still very spacious. A high built-in hides a mini laundry room, which provides space for storing towels, detergents and other bathroom essentials. Like the rest of the built-ins in this apartment, it was made by Decoroom carpentry.

Głęboki brązowy odcień ociepla przestrzeń

A deep brown shade warms the space

Photo: Marek Koptynski Photography Styling: Angelika Front @atmosferycznie

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