A living area full of contrasts

01 of August '23
w skrócie
  1. Aleksandra Miodowska of the Decoroom studio is responsible for the design.
  2. The focal point of the arrangement is an orange sofa.
  3. The living room was separated from the kitchen by a dining area.
  4. The kitchen was arranged in a U-shape.
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We have previously presented a bedroom arrangement by Aleksandra Miodowska of the Decoroom studio. Today we take a look at the arrangement of the living area in the japanese style.

Kafelki nad blatem przypominają luksfery

The tiles above the countertop resemble luxaffins

Photo: Marek Koptyński Photography Styling: Angelika Front @atmosferycznie

A strong point

The open living area encourages relaxation and spending time together in the home. Cozy beiges and light wooden flooring create a calm, subdued base for the entire arrangement. In addition, it is brightened by large windows, which provide a good dose of natural light. The whole is dominated by a combination of various shades of white and beige with a definite black. Against this background, stand out the orange sofa, placed in the central point of the living room. Its unique color is brought out by limited furniture and decorations in the dominant color in the interior - black. This colorful spot provides an interesting contrast. Coziness, on the other hand, is added by the soft, natural lines of the furnishings. On the wall opposite the sofa you will find delicate stucco, which adds a classic elegance to the space. Another motif that we find in this interior is the fluting. They appear both on the round black coffee table and the decoration on the wall, and also in a slightly less obvious form on the large beige carpet.

Strefa dzienna pełna jest kolorystycznych kontrastów

The living area is full of color contrasts

Photo: Marek Koptyński Photography Styling: Angelika Front @atmosferycznie

Practical dining room

The functional character of the space is reminded by its clear division into usable zones. Hence, on the border of the kitchen and living room was placed the dining area, which is built by a simple in form black table. It was matched with light and comfortable chairs with characteristic upholstery in natural fabric. The dining area is illuminated by a striking lamp composed of several silver balls.

Pomiędzy kuchnią a salonem znajduje się strefa jadalniana

Between the kitchen and living room is the dining area

Photo: Marek Koptyński Photography Styling: Angelika Front @atmosferycznie

Functional kitchen

The kitchen was arranged in an equally practical way. Routed in a U-shape, it visually encloses the space. It also provides enough storage space and a comfortable work zone, topped with a striking stone countertop in the black that already appears here. The fronts of the cabinets with light woodgrain décor boldly refer to the scandi style rooted in nature, while the eye is drawn to the original tiles on the wall in the working belt. From afar, the tiles look a bit like foxholes, thus giving the interior a touch of retro design.

Kuchnia została urządzona w kształcie litery U

The kitchen was decorated in the shape of the letter U

Photo: Marek Koptyński Photography Styling: Angelika Front @atmosferycznie

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