Private area in natural colors with the addition of gold

03 of April '23

Previously, we have already looked at the living area of an apartment in Zabłocie. Today we present the bedroom, children's room and bathroom of the project by MIKOŁAJSKAstudio.

Functional bedroom

The whole apartment is maintained in white and brown with gold-colored details. The investors wanted to make sure that there was plenty of storage space in the bedroom. Therefore, the designers proposed a development on the entire wall. It surrounds a custom-made bed with an upholstered headboard. Architects from MIKOŁAJSKAstudio are responsible for its design. Opposite it there are comfortable drawers and a dressing table.

W centrum sypialni znajduje się tapicerowane łóżko Toaletka w sypialni

In the center of the bedroom is an upholstered bed


Fairytale children's room

The daughter's room was designed in such a way that in some time it will be easy to make changes in it. The arrangement is based on a subdued palette of natural colors. The decorative accent is wallpaper filling the space marked by stucco on one of the walls. Above the elegant bed with rungs appeared an attribute of a real little princess - a canopy of thin fabric.

Pokój córki Pokój dziecięcy

Daughter's room


Bathroom in wood and stone

The bathroom, located on the first floor of the apartment, is elegant and warm. The wall next to which the toilet is installed, as well as the fronts of the cabinets above the concealed cistern, were finished with waterproof laminate panels in a light, natural shade. The floor, the bathtub enclosure and the wall next to the bathtub are covered with stoneware in two colors, with a distinct decorative stone pattern. A round mirror in a gold frame and an asymmetrical, decorative lamp make a big impression.

Łazienka utrzymana jest w drewnie i kamieniu Wanna w kamieniu

The bathroom is kept in wood and stone


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