Award-winning interior by Katowice architects - black and white accompanied by geometric forms

09 of December '21

Architects from the MMOA studio in Katowice took first place in the category of project implemented during the 12th edition of the VASCO Integration competition. Its purpose is to promote the best interior designs that use decorative radiators of the competition's organizer, thus realizing the Art Full of Warmth strategy. The designers designed a house with a total area of 340m² for a family with two children. By separating two zones, they achieved a minimalist yet extremely functional interior.

Salon otoczony zielenią

Living room surrounded by greenery


Spacious living area

Entering the apartment, we can feel the space surrounding us. This impression is enhanced by large windows, which make the space bright and full of natural light. The architects were guided by minimalism here. The floor is strewn with marble tiles that reflect the light. In the lounge area stood two comfortable sofas in bright colors. The whole interior is wrapped in a jungle of greenery, which through the huge it somehow correlates and at the same time is a continuation of the garden. Characteristic of the project is an arched wall, which interestingly diversifies the entire interior.

The dining room along with the kitchen also does not differ from the distinguished rest of the decor. Worktops located along the wall connect the kitchen and dining areas. However, the kitchen is all about functionality, so the designers made sure there was enough workspace, additionally adding backlighting.

Łukowata ściana nadaje
wnętrzu charakter

The arched wall gives the interior character


Cozy private area

The private zone is the homeowners' bedroom combined with a dressing room and two children's rooms. Each of these spaces is equipped with a private bathroom. A modern canopy in the bedroom gives this interior character and correlates with the rest of the geometric accents. Here we will also see wooden inserts, which consistently appear throughout the house.

Dominująca biel
z kontrastującą głęboką czernią

Dominant white with contrasting deep black


Bright tones

This minimalist design features a consistent and bright color palette evident throughout the apartment. The dominant color here, which further opens up the spaces, is white. In strong contrast, deep black plays with it, becoming an interesting accent in accessories or furnishings. Light wood also appears in some places, warming up the entire interior. By using a palette of three colors, but in different juxtapositions, the whole decor harmonizes perfectly with each other, despite the fact that the arrangement of the first floor and first floor are clearly different.

Project details

  • Area: 340 sqm
  • Designed by Maciej Dyląg, Marta Hausman-Dyląg, Katarzyna Wichary, MMOA, Katowice.

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