Minimalist house under the forest

25 of April '23

The house designed by Ktura Architekci is located in a natural setting. It is what inspired Katarzyna Buczkowska-Grobecka to create this minimalist but cozy arrangement.

Wnętrze jest minimalistyczne

The interior is minimalistic

Photo: Przemyslaw Turlej

Surrounded by nature

The house is located in the immediate vicinity of the forest. It is thanks to the location that creating this project was a great pleasure for Katarzyna Buczkowska-Grobecka. Although the plot on which the house is located is sizable, the building line along with the orientation of the land proved to be a major challenge. The architect knew from the beginning that she wanted to strongly mark the axis of the entrance. She wanted the front of the house to intersect with the garden.

Kuchnia została urządzona w stonowanych barwach

The kitchen was decorated in subdued colors

Photo: Przemyslaw Turlej

- When, more than two years after the completed projects and the intensive stage of implementation, I return to the place where the house of my project stood every time I get shivers and feel great excitement! Then I always return to the thought that accompanied me when I first came to this place, to the first meeting with the client, to the main idea of the project. When clients entrust me with the design of their home, I know that their trust is most valuable. For me, the day of the session is the moment I look forward to the longest, and whose finale I enjoy the most! Great satisfaction comes to me from a satisfied client who is simply comfortable with his home. Who sometimes comes back to the project stage appreciating something that I didn't want to let go of at the time, and to which he himself was not convinced," says Katarzyna Buczkowska-Grobecka.

Rzut architektoniczny

Architectural projection

© Ktura Architekci

Simple but cozy

The goal was to design an interior that was simple and minimalistic, but still cozy to look at. The investors did not want too many fabrics, curtains and carpets to appear in the interior. So to create a cozy arrangement, the architect used natural oak wood. It permeates the entire interior of the house and is the main element of this space. Together with the greenery outside the window and the brick facade of the house, it creates a warm and natural aesthetic. Concrete slabs on the wall mark the garage and technical area.

Salon ma duże przeszklenia

The living room has large glazing

Photo: Przemyslaw Turlej

In muted colors

The living room impresses with large glazings. Its focal point is a comfortable rest in gray. You won't find any decorations here. The interior is simple and subtle. The kitchen and dining room have also been kept in a minimalistic tone and subdued color palette. A combination of white, black and gray dominates here. The bathroom has been kept in white. Simple forms of furnishings harmonize with the minimalist finish of the house.

Łazienka została urządzona w bieli

The bathroom has been decorated in white

Photo: Przemyslaw Turlej

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