Natural materials and play of textures on 450 m2

29 of August '23

In Tissu Architecture 's design, wood is mixed with concrete, and hand-etched steel is interspersed with green. This mix of materials and textures means that the interior can be rediscovered again and again.

Twice-appreciated design

The owners decided to entrust the project to a studio selected through an investor competition. They invited three selected design studios, which were tasked with visualizing the living area based on natural materials and earth colors. Agnieszka Zaremba, Magdalena Kostrzewa-Świątek and Katarzyna Dąbek from the Tissu Architecture studio perfectly met the task. The investors were able to clearly define their needs, but left freedom to the architects responsible for the interior design in arranging the entire four-story building with a substantial area of 450 m2.

- The realization of the interior of this house was a unique experience based on trust. Gradually, step by step, we formed a bond with the investors and understood each other well. We chose the best means to the goal, which was a modern interior rich in textures and giving rest to all senses. The process of creating the house brought us closer together, and we are very happy that the final result meets with the enthusiasm of the owners - Agnieszka Zaremba and Magdalena Kostrzewa-Świątek of the Tissu Architecture studio unanimously confirm.

The project was appreciated by the jury of The European Property Awards architectural competition, awarding it the main prize in the Residential Interior Private Residence category.

We wnętrzu wykorzystano dużo naturalnych materiałów

The interior uses a lot of natural materials

© Tissu Architecture

Relaxation with a view

Open to the garden and glazed on two sides, the living room is an ideal place for relaxation. It is provided by a large, comfortable corner sofa, from which you can not only admire the views outside the windows, but also watch your favorite movie or warm yourself by the fireplace on cold days. If desired, the windows can be covered with soft curtains of thick velour. A stone wall with a large TV and a striped gas fireplace was finished in hand-etched steel.

- Our original design for the etched steel was a challenge for the contractor, but when the desired effect was achieved, he could not hide his enthusiasm. The etched steel was applied to the fireplace wall, the window glyphs and the monumental dining room decoration. The precisely drawn line gives these elements a distinctive look - describes Magdalena Kostrzewa-Świątek.

Strefa dzienna jest przeszklona z dwóch stron Ściana z telewizorem została wykończona kamieniem

The living area is glazed on two sides

© Tissu Architecture

Play of textures

The dining area consists of a round table complemented by upholstered chairs. The decoration of this space, meanwhile, is a moss wall.

- To highlight the family's gathering place, we created a unique wall as a backdrop for the dining room. A huge circle of steel filled with moss in an irregular pattern was hung on the concrete surface of the wall. The vivid green structure is intersected by a band of mirror that allows light to reflect and enlivens the space. The geometric form of the decoration is illuminated by LEDs, thus emphasizing its three-dimensionality - the designers explain.

Ściana jadalni została udekorowana kompozycją z mchem

The wall of the dining room was decorated with a moss composition

© Tissu Architecture

Geometric inspiration

The kitchen area has been gently withdrawn so as not to interfere with the living area. A large kitchen island with a distinctive black hood comes to the fore here. At the owners' request, it was topped with a wooden countertop placed at the level of the table, where chairs were set for the entire family of five. Because of the separate pantry, the entrance to which is discreetly hidden behind one of the fronts of the high built-in, the kitchen had to be planned without overloading. Hence, its built-in has been limited to bright under-counter cabinets on the main wall, with which the contrast is built by the wood veneer-finished fronts of the tall cabinets on the right. Attention is also drawn to the composition of horizontal and vertical lines and the patinated mirror reaching the ceiling, in which the living area is reflected.

Głównym punktem kuchni jest wyspa

The focal point of the kitchen is the island

© Tissu Architecture

Perfect by nature

The cozy, restful atmosphere of the bedroom is built up by natural materials, including wood veneer. It's a decision that is a consistent line of design for the entire house. Hence, patinated mirrors, used in other rooms, also appear here. Their surface allows light to play and optically enlarges the interior. The bathroom, located next door, is also finished with materials that have already appeared in this project before - wood and concrete.

Sypialnia wypełniona jest drewnianym fornirem

The bedroom is filled with wood veneer

© Tissu Architecture

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