"Don't waste energy" - KRISPOL's new campaign draws attention to the necessity of thermo-modernisation of homes and offers assistance in this operation - from valuation to subsidy

26 of September '22

On September 26 this year, the KRISPOL brand will launch a new information campaign on woodwork replacement and home thermal modernization. Its goal is to raise awareness among owners of older buildings and their families that they can take advantage of the assistance of KRISPOL Business Partners and KRISHOME Stores in obtaining subsidies, choosing appropriate energy-efficient products and airtight installation.

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The topic of building renovation is heavily discussed in the media and generates a lot of public interest. In the face of rising heating costs, regardless of the heat source, an effective way to have a warm home and save energy is to replace windows, exterior doors and garage doors. The renovation process consists of changing the heating source, insulating the building and replacing the woodwork with warm - energy-efficient ones. Ultimately, it is not just about heating costs. Regardless of age, the most important thing for each of us is health, daily comfort and use of the house, as well as concern for future generations. This is an investment with a Peace of Mind Guarantee.

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The impetus for action came from insight, which is currently generating strong public emotions. Regardless of their age, owners of older homes are worried about winter and high heating bills. We know that this can be remedied by replacing windows, exterior doors, garage doors or installing additional window coverings - external blinds. In this way, the house will stop losing energy, and in the long term it will start earning for itself. The operation of replacing woodwork seems to be a complicated undertaking, so in the new campaign we show that the KRISPOL brand supports investors in this regard. We help choose the right products, match them to existing building conditions, assist in obtaining subsidies, and finally carry out thermal modernization - from pricing to installation.

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In the campaign we focused on a subtle message, the authenticity of family meetings and humorous conversations with parents. We departed from the form of an advertising spot in the direction of sitcom and situational humor. The campaign features the brand's characters: Zosia and Kuba, as well as their parents Andrew and Teresa, who are concerned about the high bills for heating the house. They show great resourcefulness in this subject and arrange for the replacement of woodwork on their own through KRISPOL thermo-fitters," says Katarzyna Kozlowska, head of brand marketing.

The pre-roll videos can be viewed:

#NotTraćEnergii - check out why Zosia's dad took away her stove?

#NieTraćEnergii - what operation is Zosia's dad planning?

#NotTraćEnergii - why is Zosia's parents getting a rope?

The campaign launches on September 26 this year and includes multiple video formats. It will be supported by an extensive display campaign and communication in social media, major portals and mailings, as well as local activities. The creative concept was developed by KRISPOL's Marketing Department in cooperation with production house Visual Heads. Michal Pawolek and his team were responsible for direction and production. Media buying and SoMe communications were handled by MaxRoy Agency.

The producer has also prepared a series of promotional actions that will support the thermo-modernization at KRISHOME's Business Partners and Salon Network.

Details of the campaign at www.krispol.pl/termomodernizacja

KRISPOL is a leading brand of joinery present in the construction industry for more than 30 years. Its state-of-the-art production facilities offer comprehensive solutions for the home and industry, including garage doors, doors, windows, roller shutters and facade blinds.

For more information, visit the company's KRISHOME Sp. z o.o. page on the PdD portal.

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