Outdoor living room - functional balcony of a small apartment

Katarzyna Szostak
13 of March '23

Previously, we have already presented the living area, bedroom and bathroom of Mateusz Czeczko's project. Today we move outside, taking a look at the balcony project.

Balkon pełni funckję letniego salonu

The balcony serves as a summer living room

© Czeczko Design

Maximum use of space

A small apartment of just 32 meters has become the new home for a senior couple. Previously, the investors had much more space at their disposal, so the architect had to cleverly design a space that would accommodate all the things accumulated over the years. This small apartment has a lot of unusual solutions in it. The interior is full of color, space and architectural tricks.

Oświetlenie dodaje balkonowi klimatu

Lighting adds to the balcony's atmosphere

© Czeczko Design

The charms of a summer living room

In the warm months, a small apartment gains extra meters, as the life of the hosts moves to the balcony. A large balcony not only visually enlarges the space, but is also an ideal summer room. On an additional 14 sqm they  have as many as three zones at their disposal. The first one is designed for leisure purposes. In it you will find comfortable balcony furniture and many, stately green plants that add a pleasant atmosphere to the space. The dining area is where the hosts eat their meals and drink their morning coffee. There is also a vegetable garden. The last zone is the utility area. It has room for additional storage cabinets. The furniture is resistant to moisture.

Balkon został podzielony na trzy strefy

The balcony has been divided into three zones

© Czeczko Design

Did the architects succeed in realizing the design goals for this Białystok interior? The architect is satisfied with the result that was achieved.

- A year after the work was completed, the owners have changed absolutely nothing in this interior. This is the best measure of our success - concludes Mateusz Czeczko.

Dywanik na balkonie Przytulne dodatki

Cozy additions

© Czeczko Design

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