A roofer in demand. Why become one and how to start working in the profession?

23 of September '22

It is very common to talk about the growing demand for programmers, doctors or teachers, but the shortage of professionals such as roofers is also becoming a growing problem. This is a profession in short supply, which may face a real revival in the coming years. At the beginning of September, students of schools and classes specializing in teaching this profession began their education, and among these establishments are 25 units participating in the Future Profession of Roofing project. What path do you need to take to become a roofer and how do you expand your competencies in this profession? We have prepared an overview of opportunities for future and current roofers.

At the beginning of last year, the profession of roofer was introduced by the Ministry of Education and Science into the classification of occupations of vocational training, and from September 2021, you can train as a roofing technician. This is in response to market needs1. According to data from the Central Statistical Office in mid-2020, at that time there were about 20,000 roofers in Poland. This is less than the market needs. The profession of roofer was on the list of professions that are shortage professions in 20222. The website pracuj.pl3 reports that in 2022, the largest shortage of workers was in the medical-care and construction industries, where roofers were also listed.

Currently, the median earnings of roofers is PLN 3,449 net4. However, wages are projected to increase due to a shortage of workers to meet the demand for these services. There are several paths to becoming a roofer, both for those who would like to choose this direction right after elementary school, and for those thinking of re-branding. This is a profession in which, in order to be good, you need to keep track of changes in the industry, so even a person with a master's degree should constantly take care to expand his competence.

After school, go to become a roofer

The decision to become a roofer can be made right after graduating from elementary school. The continuation of education then takes place at a trade school or a roofing technical school. This is the classic and most common way to enter the profession. During school, it is particularly important to undertake an apprenticeship or internship in a roofing company, so that the future roofer can learn about his profession from the practical side. It is difficult to imagine doing this work from behind a desk, so internships and apprenticeships are a must. However, just completing the course does not give you a job title and qualification. To obtain it, one must pass a special professional exam organized by the Chamber of Crafts and Trades, thanks to which one can become a journeyman roofer. Graduates can also take the CKE exam, which confirms qualifications in the profession.

Unfortunately, there are few vocational schools that specialize in training in this profession, even though the demand for roofers is growing. If you can't find a school, you can also take the exam after working 3 years in the profession. In this case, you should have documented work experience, and you can try to pass without attending training courses or trade schools, advises Mariusz Dlugosz, master roofer and expert from Dorken Delta.

The rungs of a roofing career

Those who would like to start advancing on this career path can also enroll in a special course. However, many offerings do not allow you to take the exam organized by the CKE, but only allow you to receive an internal diploma. However, it is worth taking a course organized by any Chamber of Crafts. Chambers operate in individual provinces and bring together craft guilds and craft cooperatives. A course at such an organization allows you to take the journeyman's exam and receive a title. Such a path is most often taken by people who are thinking of re-branding. As the demand for workers in this profession is growing, this solution may become more popular.

The next step in industry education is to become a master. After working for three years in the profession from becoming a journeyman roofer, it is possible to take an exam administered by Roofing Training Centers or Craft Guilds. A person who has practiced the profession for more than six years in self-employment and has graduated from a high school or an existing secondary school may also take the test. Other apprenticeship intervals are required for those who already have titles falling within the scope of the profession or have graduated from college in a related field. After passing it, one receives the highest possible title in the profession.

Roofer - a profession of constant development

The progressive development of technology requires the roofer to constantly adapt to changing realities and trends in the market. Today, people working in this profession should be familiar even with such issues as the installation of photovoltaic panels. Because of the constant changes, it is necessary to constantly keep up with the news in the area of construction, technical and product solutions. You can do this on your own, using at least the resources of the Internet or participating in training courses of specialized institutions and companies.

A roofer is not just a craftsman, his work also requires a creative approach. He must learn to imagine the exact layout of the roof elements and build the structure with his own manual and artistic skills. In this sense, the roof can be treated as a kind of art, and the roofer as an artist," says Mariusz Dlugosz, a master roofer and expert from Dorken Delta.

In addition, a roofer must be an all-around person - an expert in his field, a craftsman who is responsible and carefully considers his actions. Working on a roof also requires physical fitness, as standing in awkward positions and lifting materials is an integral part of everyday life in this profession. A roofer must also be able to communicate with others, as he works as part of a team.

Due to the increased demand for roofers, more and more people will focus on developing these very skills and educating themselves in the profession. The Ministry of Education and Science announced in February that the roofer is currently a profession of special importance to the country's development5.

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Dorken Delta is a leader in innovative products and system solutions of the highest quality for pitched and flat roofs, arranged also as green roofs. It specializes in the area of roof and façade membranes, as well as comprehensive accessories. It is a family-owned enterprise with 125 years of tradition. It currently operates internationally, with branches in 11 countries and numerous sales representatives. Dorken has been present on the Polish market since 1992. It is the most preferred partner among retailers, traders, architects and contractors in the field of sloping and green roofs. Dorken Delta's differentiators are innovation, quality and concern for the environment.

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