Soothing bedroom arrangement

19 of September '23
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  1. The project was created by Joanna Ochota of Concept JOana studio.
  2. The bedroom is part of the interior of a terraced house located in Gorzow Wielkopolski.
  3. The arrangement is kept in shades of light beige and white.
  4. The wall behind the bed was lined with upholstered panels.
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The bedroom designed by Joanna Ochota of Concept JOana studio is a part of the interior of a row house located in Gorzów Wielkopolski.

Cozy colors

The arrangement is kept in shades of light beige and white. Thus, the interior exudes calmness and elegance. It is a space that allows relaxation and tranquility. The whole concept of the interior is based on harmony between colors and decorative elements.

Aranżacja utrzymana jest w ciepłych odcieniach

The arrangement is kept in warm tones

© Concept JOana - Joanna Ochota

Decorative wall

The element that draws attention from the very beginning is the wall behind the bed. It was lined with upholstered panels in a shade of soft, light beige. The panels not only give the interior a unique character, but also provide acoustic comfort and warmth.

Ściana za łóżkiem została udekorowana panelami tapicerowanymi

The wall behind the bed was decorated with upholstered panels

© Concept JOana - Joanna Ochota

Classic elegance

The rest of the walls are kept in pure white, which makes the room bright and spacious. They have also been decorated with stucco, which gives the bedroom a kind of nobility. There are two elegant lamps on the ceiling. They are white on the outside, while on the inside they shimmer with gold. Such fixtures create a soft and pleasant light that gives the interior a cozy feel.

Czarne stoliki nocne są funkcjonalnym dodatkiem Złote wnętrze lamp dodaje aranżacji nutkę elegancji

The golden inside of the lamps adds a touch of elegance to the arrangement

© Concept JOana - Joanna Ochota

Comfortable sleep

A large, simple bed is the focal point of the room. The furniture in light gray is upholstered. On both sides of the bed are simple black bedside tables, on which a book for evening reading or a bedside lamp can be placed. The entire bedroom exudes tranquility and elegance, creating the perfect place to relax after a long day. Bright colors, upholstered panels, decorative stucco and a subtle combination of white and beige, create an atmosphere that allows tranquility and relaxation. It's the perfect place to sink into sleep and enjoy peace and quiet every evening.

Głównym punktem sypialni jest duże łóżko

The focal point of the bedroom is the large bed

© Concept JOana - Joanna Ochota

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